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"Not to sleep, Dey?" "Hmm ... not sleepy, Kak" "Not because of him you are so ..." "Adey okay, brother. Please lef own Adey yes. Adey longer want to own " Dark night. Gloomy my heart today. A few hours ago I was still as usual. Cheers. Enjoy happiness. But now, just because he keceriaanku gradually fade and disappear. A few seconds ago, heard its unilateral decision to end our relationship for this case together. I know no reason to say all that.
Now I can only shed tears. Though actually I do not want to cry, but somehow it still tears streaming down my cheeks. All stories have ever gone through with him, spinning like a movie. Displaying grooves with a neat story. Nothing is left behind. Distorted from the beginning.
Never before imagined that all will end. During this time I just enjoy it. Enjoying life that always made me smile. Feel happiness. And finally forget to prepare that this story could one day end up with pain. And the most painful. Without any reason he said it. Even giving me time to answer the statement was not.
"We're up here, yes, I maafin" Telephone and immediately closed it. Without giving me a chance to speak. Immediately, I typed a few words and send them via text messaging. Delaying. Obviously he's off his mobile phone. "Dicky .. What's wrong with you? "
After that, without being able to control my tears flowed freely. Up to me sobbing and screaming. Soon my sister came over to me. Calm me down. Like most people do. And I told him everything. "The hell? You're just this afternoon abis hang out. The reason you continue to dump what? " "Adey also GAX know, Sister. Adey has not had time to say anything telefonnya already closed " "Hmm .. Ye who patiently wrote. The guy is still a lot of really "
"But really the same affection he Adey" "Maybe he's got more beautiful than you so you diputusin!" "Hhhuuuuuaaaa ... .. Evil brother ... " >>>>>> A week .... His mobile phone not active
A month .... Still not active
Two Month .... Not remain active
Many times I tried to reach him for two months. Even his house had been. But still I could not see him. I decided to stop contact. And trying to forget it. Although the decision was made I changed and became quiet. >>>>>>
Month after month has passed. Before the exam grade. I still have to feel old. The always remember it, miss. I can not forget. Even when the exam was that he had in mind only. The result, the value of destroyed my exams. As punishment I was not allowed to enjoy holiday organized by the school. No real problem. Although I joined the holidays with my schoolmates, I still can not forget. Mama sent me to Bogor. To where my grandmother.
Initially I was still moody and constantly thinking about him. I remained quiet. Grandma asked me I answered only with a nod or shake of the head. However, there is one of my cousins ​​that interested me. Daily life that always go with a different guy. Kekasihnyakah?? Or just friends? Out of curiosity, I asked him. "How come every day the same guy kept going, brother? Emang older guy not afraid of getting caught? " "Those guys all really brothers?"
"All?? It means going out with older sister all right? " "Yes" "My older Playgirl donk? Quote may be so, Sister? " "Yes, you could say that. The guy probably wrote Playboy. Period not girls. They casually dump if already bored girl. Girls also may donk " "But it was .." "Life takes the juicy, Dey. Do not contrived hard. Why loyal if not faithful to the same guy wrote us " One piece of advice from my cousin, my life changed again. >>>>>>
"You guys really mutually continue anyway, Dey?" "Like-like Adey donk" So Playgirl is fun. As spelled out my cousin a few months ago. I do not too often anymore tears when remembering. Already tired of crying it's just for people like him. Although in fact he is still master of love my heart. Playgirl my status only. But my heart was never touched by anyone else. They are just tools to help overcome the pain my heart. Real pity. But I do not want to give my heart to anyone. I do not want to hurt anymore. Despite having to sacrifice their feelings. It does not matter. My love for her remains. Irreplaceable. Not reduced. Intact while still with him. >>>>>>
7 years tlah passed. I spent a lot of things. Not just a playgirl, 7 this year also I write stories black in my life. I'm on her work as drug dealers. Offer to my friends to taste it. Make them addicts. Destroy their future. Sort of. But I'm just a hustler. Never once did I taste it. I only see them happy when consuming it, and tortured when it runs out of goods, he is unclean.
Not only that. I also destroy their morale. They offer free sex activities. Helping them get sex partners. But only that. Never once did I intend to try the activity. I'm not interested in activities that are stupid. I'm evil. Yes, that's right. I brought my friends down the wrong path. Plunge them into a puddle of sin. I vent my pain on their innocent. But this hidden crime. No problem for me. My family, my friends at school, campus to date, no one knows. They know me as a good girl. A ready smile, friendly, cheerful. Well I cover crime in front of them.

But there was to be paid to cover up this crime. I often come home at night. For the size of a girl who is well known, this is a big problem. Mom scolded me repeatedly because of this habit. Until at some point, for some reason I had to go home early. This time the mother is not just yell at me. He is also figuring out what I was doing out there. And I also threatened must not leave the house without escort.
Slowly, I set it so that crime does not make me leave the house at night. Once a month, the crime is well controlled without mengharuskanku out of the house. I got back my mom's attention. Research mama about my activities had stopped. >>>>>>

"Ciee brother .. pake affection-affection. The new guy huh? Bilangin to mama ahh .. " "Eh .. eh .. eh .. Adey! " I immediately ran to the kitchen looking for mama "Mama ... call her boyfriend's brother pake dear-dear" "No really, Ma. Adey lie "interrupted my brother "WEEE .. See tu, Ma. Sister sms on mobile phone " "Ah .. my brother already mature. Reasonable wrote. Besides you, like not ever call pake dear dear-aja "

"Jeez mama. Where ever Adey call pake dear boy-love " "That was then. The Dicky's. Puppy love you. Mama really tough on your mobile " "Ah, where there's a problem. Adey called aja pake name really. Besides doing well mama handphone Adey clay-clay? " "Yes nyari the Dicky's mobile phone number. If you not use love-affection, which may be able to mama "
"Dicky phone number? What for? " "Make him let not deketin ngancem you again. Mama said that she broke up with you " DEGGG ... "Mama ... I mean mommy ..." "Yes. Mama nyuruh he putusin you " "Uugh .. Jahatt ... Mama! "
I immediately ran into the room. Wiping the tears that began to flow. I was crying, screaming. Just like when I just lose it. I was surprised by what Mama said. But more than that, I felt tremendous pain. This time the more poignant. Within a few seconds, I immediately understood everything. All the words mama. During these 7 years, which I regard as a betrayal was wrong. I misunderstood. Thinking that how could he have to hurt me. Without ah I know that the dial is hurting. Pressed by circumstances. I'm sorry. Regret having used many ways to vent my pain. Doing a lot of things that actually have too distorted. Destroy the soul of others. Mentally damaging them. And I'm here actually satisfied with their circumstances. I'm sorry. Very sorry.
"I must do something" Without a second thought. I grabbed my jacket and bag. Hurry to leave home. I who gets them. I was damaging them. I also have to fix merka. I'll fix everything. Starting from ... "Excuse me .." kuketok door of someone who has been long out of my encounter Soon the door opened. He who opened it. "Adey .." called out a bit surprised
"I .. I want to apologize. Maafin I, DIC. Maafin me. My mama is .. " My tears trickled back. She rubbed. He calmed me down. "Do not cry, Dey. Not one of you. I was wrong all of a sudden .. " "No. I was wrong. I is not know nothing. Maafin I, DIC. Maafin me. " "If you cry, I do not want you maafin. Dong smile. "Paksanya "Thanks .." I smiled at him longingly. But soon faded remembered there's one big thing that remains to be done.
"Dicky, can I ask a favor? I ... " I told him everything. From the beginning. Without an iota of my hide. He nodded. See what I mean. "I'll help you .." he said firmly
Soon after that I start the repair. All of them. Apologized to the people who have kupermainkan heart. Help those in my jerumuskan mired in drugs. Rehabilitate them. Stopping the activity that has been damaging free sex life, mental, and their morals. Changed all this. Fixing my mistakes. It takes time indeed. But I shall all be better. "Forgive me friend"
"We forgive you, Dey." >>>>>>

"Adey! Maafin ya mama " "Sorry for what, ma?" "Problem .." "Dicky?" "Gak's okay, Ma" Ting Tong. "Ah! 've come " Short stories about love: I'm sorry I The bell rang my house. Kupergi rushed to open the door. Mama followed me wonder. Intrigued by the guests who made not seperrti usually cheerful. And I opened my door to someone who is .. "Hi, Dey! Umm ... .. Lunch aunt " A huge smile spread across our cheeks.

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