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Secret Guide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web Designer

Secret Guide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web Designer
The following article is my adaptation of, why do I reference an article re this is solely because of the large benefits that I feel in getting over 2000 Unique Visitor is only lacking in one month (since August 26, 2008) or from this website On- line on the internet. But not only there is also an article I developed with a variety of other important info follows my experiences during the explore the world of web design and search engines optimization, hopefully bermanfaat.Dari poll survey has been done there is only one course of the 10 people who think that the expertise of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that must be owned by a Designer, and a very surprising is not less than 24% did not even know what exactly is SEO it! if you include in a quarter of people who do not know whether it's SEO or find out how much it can help you, I assure you very, very required to read this article. Since this is a "Search Engine Optimization Secrets Guide To Designer" who want to learn how to create a site or blogs in your possession will be "discovered" freely by Visitors (visitor) through Search Engine (search engine sites). In this article I will try to explain some of the common mistakes often made by the Designer and developers, then after that I will be presenting a few basic tips that you should practice to optimize your site in the eyes of Search Engines. Why do you need to learn SEO?
SEO Secrets Guide designerlistic dot net Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web Designer DesignerSebagai SEO is the responsibility of you, because you who makes the structure of the site, especially behind all the beauty that is contained in your design masterpiece, that's where there are different rules that you must follow, for the sole purpose of getting high visitor numbers peraihan number of backlinks and referrals (other people's sites who refer your internet page with a way to put a link that leads to your site).
If you made the site unfriendly to search engines, you can really lose visitor traffic, because in addition to Visitors (visitor) type the address "" and backlink referrals, search engines was the only path that leads people to find your site, even without you asking though.
Artifacts with a number of advantages of having a site visitor traffic is very high. Just an example, site visitors has a composition that continues to grow every day, and was only 15% are type the url directly in the browser, the remaining 15% comes from referrals and 70% backlinks coming from Search Engine, which means as much as 70% every month is a potential new visitors Us. Just imagine if no referrals from Search Engines, But We'll lose hundreds to thousands pegunjung every day. It also means it will be very high risk losing potential clients for business purposes We, as a site would be appreciated from the values ​​provided by google ranking (Google Page Rank) and Alexa Traffic rank.
SEO means also is a value added service. As a designer / developer you can sell your SEO skills as a special service for your client. Part Basics: How Search Engines Work How?
how search engines work Secrets Guide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web DesignerPertama of all, let's see together how the workings of "crawlers" that is owned by the Search Engines. Each Search Engine has its own automatic program that is called "Spider" or "crawlers". Their job is to browse, read and collect content (content sites), then follow all the links that exist (be it a link from the site itself or links from other sites / external are directed to our site). Then Spider accumulate all the information he gets into a database called the Search Engine index.
Well, then when typing a search keyword information (query) in the input box disebuah Search Engine, then Search Engine will search and find the most relevant results from the key words you are looking for that information seekers and of course the information displayed in search results (searc Result) is not directly seek to sites around the world at that time also, but the search engine taking data from the database search results already obtained in the earlier index, which is why the search is conducted by the Search Engine can be very fast to count fractions of seconds for each keyword you are looking for.

Tip: "Every crawler or spider to index the entire process of domain sites around the world in a different time, it could be done until the weeks ahead, and therefore there are times when our site's position for certain keywords always changing , for example on 26 August to before Eid sites always appear first on with keywords (keywords) "design Eid cards" this is possible because I make the download page and the article about the Free Design Templates Download Eid 1429H far-distant days before the fasting month so this site will arrive sooner indexed by Search Engines and is considered the most unique views of the content and relefansinya, as a result of this increased site traffic by 300% from the first week of launching, really advantageous not . The point of my above tips is that you have to be sensitive (timing) to be a niche market that taste you ".
Learn from the SEO Guru in fact that is Google, MSN and Yahoo
From all Articles, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks and various references belejar SEO I guarantee you 100% this is the best teacher, you must learn it directly from the master SEO actually, why? yes it is clear ... it is they who make the rules and formulas SEO, and there you will find various guides to be a webmaster in order to maximize search results in the SE.
You can find direct links to each search engine is here:
Apparently SEO No Mystery! on Google, MSN and Yahoo Your job is as Search Engine Optimizer
seo jobs Secrets Guide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web DesignerSetiap Search Engine has its own algorithm or concept to judge a page on the site. By way of understanding the general factors that affect the algorithm, it means it can also affect your position in search results made by prospective visitors. This is the main purpose of an SEO expert. SEO work has two aspects: On-site and off-site.

* On-site SEO: something you do in your own site sperti: HTML markups, target keywords, internal linking, site structure, and others.
* Off-site SEO: is something you can not control such as, how banyakah backlinks (links from other sites that point to your site) you get and how the people menungujungi your site, if typed directly, whether from advertising, whether from search engines, whether from an e-mail, referrals, etc..

Note: "Free SEO in this article has an emphasis aspects of On-site SEO. As for Off-site SEO is the key if you do your job properly and to design a beautiful website content and always deliver a useful site for the crowds then automatically you will get backlinks and Off-site social bookmarks without you shaking your finger though " .
9 Biggest SEO Mistakes Made by Designers and Developers Splash Page
splash Secrets Guide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web DesignerSaya often see this error when someone just put a banner (ad / image) is large with a link "Click here to enter" or "Click here" to continue on the homepage (the page future) site. The worst thing is the phrase "enter" link is in the design by planting / join (embed) into Flash animation objects, which of course would make something that is impossible for the spiders to follow links that created them.
This of course does not mean anything if you do not care about whether the Search Engine will recognize your site or not, but still you made a big mistake. Because usually Homepage is a page with the highest ranking on your site and get a visit most frequently crawled by spiders. While the other pages contained in the structure of your site will have no effect into the Search Engines index structure without a clear link from the homepage which traced Spider.
In conclusion your homepage must contain (minimum) target keywords and links to important pages in your site content.

Tip: "That's why the homepage of a site written more keimbang home.php index.php or index.html or default.php because basically the homepage will contain the index (set) short links (preiview) to fill an important page in it, an example The simplest real can you see on each first page of a newspaper or newspapers, there would have contained pieces of short stories that lead to a particular view the first page in the content of the story, complete it? You can even do it on your site which can be a way to put a collection of links such as the Blog Archives, Recent Posts, Related Articel, Related Downloads, Top 10 Popular Download, etc ".
Facts Menu or Button Flash is a non-Spiderable (not too Spider)
Many Designer makes this mistake, that is by using a lot of animated Flash menus or buttons on artificial sites, such as fade-in style roll-over technique that sophisticated. I am sure it would look cool to you, but one thing is certain, such techniques would not be "seen" at all by the Search Engine, and thus the links that exist on the Flash menu will not be followed by its Search Engine Spider. Image and Flash Content
On the spiders are like text-based browser, they can not read text embedded in the graphic image or Flash. Many designers make this mistake by embedding the important content (such as target keywords) in Flash and image.

Tip: "In my daily life is also busy with activities on campus teaching LP3i Tasikmalaya, in addition to sharing my knowledge with students in the course Graphic Design & Photo Editing, I was also mandated to hold courses Graphic Animation (Adobe Flash), the problem is that I always I remind students when making a full flash website, also provide a link to display its HTML version (the best is on the index page and the top menu bar), a job that is frustrating indeed, but for SEO purposes is we have to do it, and the results spiders will index the entire contents of the website plus! advantages is that visitors can also served two different styles interesting website "
Excessive use of Ajax facilities
Most web developers are always trying to please the hearts of visitors to its website by placing a facility in excess Ajax (usually for navigation purposes), but did you know that SEO is a BIG mistake? Because Ajax content is always invoked dynamically (directly to the website), meaning that this is not tertelusuri by Spider, which means not including the index by Search Engines. Theme Design Version
With some reason, some Web Designers love to create a version of the theme for their site into sub level folders (example: like,, www. for example) and when made a new version v5 suppose then all previous versions will be redirected into a new folder v5 earlier (when typing the url so that visitors to a 1-4 version will be directly routed directly to the new version 5 ). This technique will directly result in displacement of the main root location may cause you to lose backlink counts and ranking pages that have been stored in a database search engine before. namely due to broken links. "Click Here", "Click here", "Read More", "Details" Link Anchor Text
You'll often see a link with writing like the example above, usually the form of text links are used to continue a news headline to a more full page article on the topic in the headlines, examples of the use of link anchor text you can see the headline article NewbieStudio.Com site this. It is very good if you want to grab the attention of Visitors and get high page rank with the writings of "Click Here" / "Click here" / "Read More" / "Detail". But if you want to tell the search engines that the page you create is an important page for a topic, then use that topic / keyword in your link anchor text. it is becoming a more positive value if you write the word "learn more about {keyword or topic}" or "read more about {keyword or topic}" or "see details about {keyword or topic}", etc..

Warning: Never use the same words to each anchor text on the entire content of your site. Sometimes it is even often considered a spam by the Search Engine.

Tip: "In my experience, when looking at search results that appear on Search Engines such as Google atapun Yahoo, you can see that the format that appears is the Title Tag of a page on your website, then Content page related to keywords typed information seekers, and the last page url, and therefore I recommend that you prefer to use the title of an article or news story as a link to the next detail, because it will have a higher rank than the use of the above example ".
Common Errors in the Title Tag (Tag Titles)
Title Text of the same or very similar: Every page on your site should have a title tag is unique with Target Keywords therein. Many web developers often make the same mistake this is more accurately make virtually the same title tags throughout the pages of the site. It seems it clearly gives announcing Search Engine that every page within your site referencing the same topic so that no single unique page with another page ..
One example is easily available is the use WordPress title tags that are used with the standard theme. In fact many people never know that the title tag is really not useful at all, more details are like: The name of the site> Blog Archive> Post Title. Why this technique is not very friendly to Search Engine? the answer is that every page will be considered to have one the same page that "The name of the site> Blog Archive>" written at the beginning of typing the code on the tag . If you really want to enter your site name, then you should mengetikannya at the end of the title tag: Title Post | Blog Archives | The name of your site ..
Title Tag that exceed the limit 65 characters: Many Bloggers write a title tag with the words (keywords) that are very long. So what? On the search results page Search Engines, title tags that you create will be used as a heading link that will appear in the first row on the search results to your site. You are allowed to type his memoirs only about 65 characters (including spaces) in order to index your site containing not removed by the Search Engine.
Keyword is crammed into the Title Tag: Another common mistake made by people who are cramming title tag with many keywords. 3 Saying the same thing will not make your site more relevant. Cram as many keywords into the title tag will be seen by the Search Engine as the spam (really bad). But there is an intelligent way by repeating the same word in different ways, eg:
"Photo Tips & Techniques for Picture Perfect Photography |"
"Photo" and "Photography" is the same word and repeated twice but in different ways because as your audience might use one word when typing diatara Query in the Search Engine. Image Alt Attribute is Empty
You should explain the Image (photo / image) on each of your sites in the alt attribute. In fact the text is typed in the alt attribute will not always be seen by the Visitor, except when the Internet connection is very low then the image will not appear on the browser "represented" as the alt attribute of this, but did you know? because Search Engines can not "see" the image on a site, then this attribute will be used as a reference in describing the relevance of a web page that you create, it is very important is not it?.

Tips: Describe the well every image that you have can help your site's ranking on the image search results in Search Engine (you'll recall will appear in google web and image search option is not it?)
URL address of a hostile
Most blog or CMS (Contain Management System) platforms have a facility with a friendly dynamic URL database & program therein, but in reality, not every blogger to benefit from this. The friendly URL is the address of a site that can be understood by both the human element and the Search Engine. URL is also very important in menunujukan which keywords you typed should be saved.
Example of a friendly URL: Examples of dynamic URLs that are not friendly:

If you like my icon WORDPRESS.COM users guide wink Secret Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web Designer you will be very lucky, why? because the arrangement setting Permalink (Permanent Link) you can change it manually writing format "virtual pages" such as you want, so you have a dynamic website but with a static URL format, not profitable.
General SEO Techniques To Do and Do not Do
Here I will tell you about WHAT YOU MUST DO to tell you about WHAT YOU DO NOT EVER DO!:

* Do not underestimate your Visitors
Write about the topic which benefit their visitors. Like what? Find out, as do the poll on your site (like I do), also collected a few frequently asked reference questions, the topics often discussed in the forum of your site, e-mail in your inbox, in the comments of your visitors, or perhaps in a book guests of your site or you can also do a little keyword research. Currently, many free keyword tools that patents such as Google Keyword Tool, there you will find a variety of ideas on the Keywords and topics that are loved today, even to countries, languages, graphics every month, if you will do business competencies on -line with those keywords, etc..
* Do not act stupid with that too Solid Keyword or Meeting
Once you have a topic to the reader; help Search Engines find it. Keyword Density is the number of occurrences of keywords in a web page is proportional to the number of total words overall. You definitely want to make sure that the keywords (keywords) that you have been included into the area that is very important and influential, namely:
o The title tag (title)
o Page URL (friendly URL)
o the primary Heading (H1 or H2)
o The first Paraghrap of contents page (content)

Many people use the technique as much as 2% keyword density (eg keywords raise as much as 2 times in every 100 words). So what if the keyword is contained in the phrase "SEO for webdesigners and WebDevelopers" berapakalikah again you can repeat keywords (SEO, webdesigners, Webdevelopers) before it all sound weird or a bit forced? So basically make posts to your readers not for Search Engines only. But if you follow all the techniques in this article you can actually get both, which can be read properly by the reader at once by the Search Engines.
* Be careful: Never too cram keywords into your pages with the same keywords, or pages of your site will be removed by the Search Engine (keyword stuffing) appears at least 3 times in the body structure.

Do not Ignore Relativity

In this article I created, almost certainly will bring meaning to describe topics like "keyword research", "Search Engine crawlers", "title tag use", "SEO techniques", etc. But what if I try to interpret and set the page I created with a high bertraffic terms such as "Life Insurance", whether the context of such a right? So use your keywords and topics really raises the obvious intent and meaning, not just a game keywords are popular, because Search Engines will measure the relationship between keywords to relefansinya also, for example.
Goran Pandev and Lazio (yes)
Design and Zoo (although a little tangent, but the correlation is too wide)
Do not Fear Using Internal Links

Do you want Search Engines to read the entire contents of your site? So help her Search Engine Spider perform the task. because it's supposed to be there, there is a page (eg like situsmap or blog archives) that connects to the entire content of your site.

Tip: You can promote a variety of pages that you think are very important links by entering text into the body content, such as "Read an article / tutorial the other" or "Download linked the other". make sure you also use the links that are relevant to the content of the article page and never use a link like "click here" or "read more", because it would be much better title in headinglah tags (h1 s / d h6) that you make a link to Spider index these links as a keyword that is important (as I described earlier).

Never Ignore the "Broken Links"

404 Secrets Guide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web DesignerAnda should always look for and check all links on your site and make sure none are broken or dead-end pages. If you get it immediately dispose of the part and fix immediately, you can also use robots.txt to prevent crawling spiders do and to index link is disconnected. If you have a page that moved address or possibly the entire contents of the site, you can use 301. Htaccess to redirect to a new URL.

Tip: You can use Google's master Tools to find broken links and page 404 Not Found errors.

Do Not Consistent With Your Domain URL

For Search Engine, a URL of the site using www (Example: and that without using www (Example: is the mean of two different URLs. You should always keep the domain and URL structure consistently. If you start promoting your site without using the prefix "www", then be consistent that way forever.
Search Results Position
Coding techniques and setup of your site with SEO in order besahabat indeed can improve how well a search engine can access your site, but it is not semerta can guarantee you can be in the top position in search results of a Search Engine (Search Engine Results Page: SERP ). Since there are many factors that influence the position of the end of search results, but basically are: PageRank
PageRank Guide Secrets Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web Designer Some SEO experts Proffesional and always pay attention to Google's PageRank, but some will not. In my experience have a high Google PageRank (from 0 s / d 10) became the main point of our success as a Designer. Since we will know how important our site in the eyes of Search Engines Google, this will impact on everything, that is especially for those who seek profit (read: dollars) on-line business through Google Adwords, I'm very confident you will quickly approve fast and also get a lot of advertisers that will enliven your site which means it will add to your coffers every Visitors clicked on the ad. You can increase your PageRank by following the tips above and build backlinks (urls from other sites that point to a page on your site) quality (derived from sites that have high traffic as well). Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Certified Traffic Ranking for
Alexa Traffic Rank is not as popular as Google Page Rank (GPR) Alexa Rank but in fact it is quite important (even essential) for the blogger who wants to make his blog as monetize blog because most of the Advertiser (advertisers) use Alexa rank as a requirement or standard in determine the "price" of a site, the reason is very simple ie on Alexa's own way of working. Alexa Traffic Rank How it Works: "Traffic rank is based on the history of the three-month visitor traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users (site code that installs itself on the site, or even users who install the software on the browser) and then combined with page views (number of pages are shown) and users (Visitor acquired). As a first lngkah, Alexa will count every statistical results obtained from the number of page views throughout the site on the internet every day. So in essence the second ranking can be obtained from the above that the number of visitors and pages obtained displayed by these visitors.
But it turns out Alexa Rank is quite important for the blogger who wants to make his blog as monetize blog because most use the Alexa rank as a requirement or standard in determining the "price" of a site. Age A Domain
You would be surprised to learn that the domain-old "old" also became a factor in an algorithm Search Engine. Because the domain that already has a long history of flying, and their content will look more competent than the new site was born last week (. Oh yes just info this new site was launched on August 26, 2008, was a baby huh?) Domains of sometimes older in a position to benefit the search results.

Be patient
Maybe you've done everything correctly, but what happened? still it does not show graphs of developments in the Search Engines target your keywords. Why? Because everything takes time. Time is also very dibituhkan by Search Engines to index and rank your site (especially for new domains). So, be patient as I do, keep up the traffic and keep your site when its structure is fixed 100%, konsisten.Alasan konsitusn and others - could be targeted by keywords that you may be very competitive. Try to make alternative keywords on your page and maybe you'll get different results breakthrough. Remember, now you're competent with billions of internet pages on the world.
Important Resources for You

Google's master master ToolsGoogle google webmaster tools Tools Guide Secret Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web Designermembantu you see the results of the Google crawlers to your website. If you have never logged into this facility before, you can login to a Google master Tools, and do not forget to add (register) and verify (verify) the ownership of your site, ie by uploading a certain html file provided by Google, or insert a specific code in the meta tag in your index.html or index.php, which of course provided by Google juga.Setelah you perform the steps above, you will instantly find important information below which is the last time Googlebot from crawling your site.

Link HTTP errors
404 Page Not Found errors
Number of external links, such as bookmarks, backlinks, etc.
What keywords people use to connect to your site
Is the top search queries to your site.

Free SEO Tools Here's you some online SEO tools that you can use to PageRank, Link Popularity, Search Engine Position, Keyword Density, etc.;

* / SEO-tools

The following external links which you can learn more about SEO:

Please be stressed that I am not a SEO expert, tips that I share with you is the result of a collection of articles that I get from the internet, but it also combines with various pemikran me and my experience in building various sites [like www.mayasariplaza. com,,,, etc.], I was just like you have a dream that high, so in addition to reaching the dream I'd also like a lot of charity through the hobby and my abilities in the field of web design.
Hopefully Helpful

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