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Novel Sex City

Novel Sex CityShort Story Mariana AmiruddinMy eyes glazed form the image. Shadow his face. My boyfriend's face. Face full of desire to ensnare. Duh, he grinned and his eyes like a dog in the night. I smiled inwardly, he stretched, like a man can not bear the full moon and will soon become a wolf. AUU! He howled so loudly, the wolf-bodied cow. Male mammals who breastfeed. I grabbed her nipples, suck him, so soft. Howling grew louder, echoing like a morning call. At its peak he was lying crosswise on top of me. Morning and lush body. He fell asleep.
Daybreak, when the darkness slowly become clear. Looks stocking grass and towering trees, the wind and the river and behind the ducks drowned in the rush. I looked at her sweat soaked body. Flows accumulate to become one with my sweat. Grains of water as it grows from living things. Grains of which are also called dew-dew sprinkled on it, mixed with our sweat.
Sun aiming for my body and the body. Like hot cakes watered so broke fragrant. Fragrant lust our bodies. My boyfriend was still snoring. I watched his chest rise and fall rhythmically, upon which shall bear fine hairs. I played the feathers and pull them out occasionally. Wake up, I whispered in his ear. See, the sun greeted us. The ducks ride to the mainland and approaching, pecking seeds on the ground around me. I glanced at my boyfriend testicles are brownish. Sagging skin, and a pile of wilted penis on it. I laughed to myself. Replied the ducks. I stroked his penis, like a wake snails hiding behind his house. Kunamai penis it snail moving up, wake up apparently. Tense, challenging, and smiled at me. Good morning, I said. You're tired all night, entered the burrow liurku. And rupamu straining for hours, you must penetrate liangku repeatedly.
This is where we used to do coitus banc. Places far from human eyes that condemn sex men and sex itself. My boyfriend and then woke up, his eyes narrowed, his lips forming a boat, smiling potluck. Liangmu naughty, she said, wiggling and hugged me. What will become of the vagina without burrows. What will happen without a hole. How to break through, he said. And liurmu smeared on my cock, how God menciptanya.
I plucked a flower and break the stigma, seen the sap flowing in the fracture tip. Like this, I showed him. And I like it, he said, dropping the flower pollen on the stigma. We laughed crisp.
We agree that sex like a flower with two sexes in it. Stamens and pistils that can not be separated from the petals. Also the colors of nature that let us engage in sexual intercourse. Nothing prohibit, restrict, not even comment on.
This is my happiness with him, genital-genital happy at night. Gender also need happiness. We understand that need. Genital-genital removing saturated, every day is stored in our underwear each. Not doing anything but hiding and urine spraying. Genital-genital idle when we were working hard for money. Moreover penis my boyfriend, he folded and wrapped in bags sempaknya. When it expands it becomes crowded. How tormented into the penis. Similarly, the vagina, her face tight with tight nylon panties lace, there is no room for him. Genital-genital only freed when urinating and glared at most toilet every day.
Our sex is not to be seen, by an animal though. Although they were initially present in the world who freely breathe the air of the earth. Since then they intersect with man-made objects. Especially when mature, they increasingly must not be disclosed. There should not be visible to the human eye.
One day, my vagina paled. My boyfriend penis haggard. I wonder, what happens, sex is not happy. Me and my boyfriend still, the atmosphere seems to no longer turn on the sex-gender that stick in our bodies. If only they could talk what he wants. Then we tried to cuddle naked and lying on the grass. Our sex at each other. But we are even cold. Our bodies shivering pale. The night breeze was coming, slicing our bones. Ai! My boyfriend, his penis suddenly disappeared. Where was he? Here, he did not want to fold curled up, my boyfriend said. Vagina? Where's your vagina? My girlfriend fished my vagina, trying hard to find holes and burrows, but could not find it. Where lubangmu? How difficult? Asked my boyfriend. He shut himself, I say. See, his smile no more.
We both went, and then sat by the river, away from the wind. My body and she was still naked and pale in the night deepened. We fell silent. Silent until morning.***For a long time I did not meet a boyfriend. For some reason, I was not interested in meeting. Even heard howling and sleep snoring. And chest up and down when attacked by lust. I was busy working a few weeks. Never too interested in the ducks, wind and trees that used to me and he met in the middle of our intercourse. For some reason, when I opened my pants looked pale vagina no longer showed his smile. I pulled my pants with a rough, as if to lock up my vagina is no longer friendly. Damn! I said. I felt there was no point in having sex except for the purpose of urinating. I lost my passion, I threw all the papers on my desk. Also the photographs on the table. The photos when we were happy. And our sex photos in a drawer. I threw it up against the wall.
I opened the glass window of the room. Appear scattered tall buildings and large towering statue in the middle of the city and highway road-cutting in the middle. Looks slums behind the dim light scattered engulfed the building and street lights burning. Shortness of breath, like a long time without breathing. Kujambak my own hair, and I yelled amain length. Until I tired myself. I sat in a corner, staring at a cluttered desk. Sit long until the month arrives. Everyone who wants to see me starting. I locked the door and turn off the lights. I got lonely. Loss of motivation. I fell asleep on my own feet.
There were voices calling moan. Sad and feeble voice. He's like the air coming from the city. I woke up and sharpens hearing. What's that noise? He was present not far from me. I'm looking for the source. Where is he? I met the voice that was out of my vagina.
We never recognized. We continue to be spat upon. We named her private part, which means contemptible. Humans never appreciate us. Same with the prostitutes. All our activities are considered dirty.
Vaguely I heard a strange vagina. He did not like the human voice. Her words such as wood rot and damp, that will soon be eaten by termites.
How to make sense of our Lord? We were poor in the holy scriptures, worse than devils and jinn.
I was stroking my vagina. I opened my pants and let it breathe. I confused myself how he could talk. Is that what makes all this pale?
Forehead wrinkled. After that there was no sound. I looked at my vagina, like staring at the dead creatures. I turned on the lights. I cleaned up my files are a mess on the floor of the room. I unlocked the door and exit down the stairs, I want to walk around the city late in the day ahead. It appears the people coming and going and some such as deliberately crashing into my body. I'm annoyed and shouted their scolding. Suddenly came the voices like termites that propagate in the woods behind the old building. Boy, what a voice this? Dimly, I like seeing naked people and talk to sex. Everyone in this town naked! Gender them gasping for air. Penises stiffened like an angry elephant's trunk and sharpen his voice. Vagina-vagina-clitoris screech and clit reveal that no longer broke. Dark holes gaping vagina seemed in sight.
I could not control my confusion. I know the sex of her inner being chanted. Ouch, man. Sure enough, even your own body you can not appreciate. I'd love to help them. Even the kind of sex-gender and sex every night, and genital-genital sex which has been replaced with another type, I see very clearly the sex of transsexual who was dancing in the streets. Genitally sobbed say something.
I'm tired and stopped in a city park. I sat on a park bench, watching the naked statue towering over me. His penis looks from where I sat down. I see the way the statue was filled with anger, and penis size is nothing but a stone.
My boyfriend, I remembered my boyfriend. Where is my boyfriend.Here!Is that you?
I knew my boyfriend did not arrive came in naked. His penis like fingers being pointed. His penis pointing towards kelaminku. Turns out I was naked. People in this town naked no exception. I saw my vagina gasping and dripping saliva. My boyfriend quickly grabbed my bare body in the park, hugged and carried me under a huge statue towering naked.
His eyes were penetrating eyes and my heart. His fingers reached into the dark hole that is gaping vagina. My boyfriend is very familiar with its texture. Abundant saliva. Limpahannya wet fingers. Then he drew it out and replaced with a penetrating penis. Now we have intercourse in the middle of town. The city where everyone is naked and not care about the nudity of others. AUU! My boyfriend back into a wolf howling. He bite my whole body. Like a puppy, I reached for a pair of nipples on his chest with my tongue. We are united in body and genitals. I understand now, sex was no heart. ***

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