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Night-Night Nina stories

Night-Night Nina stories
Lan Fang Short Story
It's already the fourth day Nina looked glum. Day by day, his face more and more overcast with eyes dazed and mute. It works every day wake up with a tangled past sat.
Actually it's not my problem. Since Nina is not nobody's siapaku. He just rented a room in my house. He stayed with me just two months. But somehow I liked her immediately.
My house is not too large. Also not too good. It's simple. My house is located in the village whose walls are meeting with the walls of houses next door. There are three empty rooms. But I live alone. So I rented the empty rooms to support my life next to me opened a small stall in front of the house kelontongan.
The first occupant was Anita. He was always beautiful and fragrant because it works as a beauty advisor cosmetics at the cosmetics counter of a well-known grand plaza. Anita sociable, cheerful and smart dress.
The second room is used by Tina. He is also beautiful. He said he worked in a restaurant. But that her home was always not the same man. Clouds of mild cigarettes also are never out of a sexy lips.
But I'm not the type of boarding house owner who rese '. I gave them the key to the door so when the come home late at night do not need to be knocking on doors and made me annoyed. I do not really bother with anything that they do. After all, they always pay on time boarding. Not only that, I think, they are quite good. They were respectful and courteous to me. Whatever they lakoni, can not make me give a seal that they are not good woman.
Nina came two months ago and occupies the third room. Crush has not reached the age of thirty. At most, only two three-year below me. He is not as pretty as Anita and Tina, but she was sweet and attractive with her rippling and her smile was always genuine. He was neat. Not only his room that is always organized, but his words were smooth and intact. He reminds me to a woman who was almost perfect. Women in the past that ... ah ... I remember when the wound.
Oh yes, Nina also never go out at night. He was more at home, even he did not hesitate to help me keep the stall. Even if he is out of the house, he will be out for three to four days after receiving a call from a person of men. The same male.
Not just a strange melancholy problem for me. But already the last two weeks Nina was never out of the house. It does not even receive or call at all. That seems to me is just anxiety that tore his gaze. And culminates in the last four days.
"Nina, what is it? Some days you look gloomy ...," I can not put the brakes on my tongue to ask, when we were alone at home. Shops were closed at ten o'clock at night. Anita and Tina had not come home. But I saw Nina still stunned with empty eyes.
He turned with a listless after a fraction of a minute silence as if not listening to what I ask. Melancholy look in his eye that always piled rippling. But he just shook his head.
"What if aids could Ma'am?" I do not care if he thinks rese '.
Again, just a shake. He was still sitting like a statue petrified. But was able to read his mind wandering. His spirit was not in his body. Mengejewantah somewhere.
Nina was never talked about himself, about his parents, home, school, feelings, or about a man who often called her. I myself also never ask. Maybe there are things that do not want him to others. So let him keep it to myself. Did not I also like that?
Feels lonely shade, as if stuck nails wind tore the injured. It's really quiet there between me and Nina. I feel torn. Because this was kept quiet as five years old. Why now suddenly come back?
Then I rose from my seat, took a series of domino cards. But that is not reflected red dots. But various forms of black. I keep it long. Since my eyes are always dewy, and the dew was dripping on the tip of the liver. Since the quiet that without the color began to be familiar to me. Since then I started to share uneasy with these cards. They gave me a lot to know about what I want to know.
Anita and Tina often sees me playing with my cards in the middle of the night when they go home. Since saw me playing with these cards, they also often come into play. There's all they tell me all through these cards. Selling the lonely, the subscriptions are stingy to give tips to their boyfriends who come and go.
I lit incense India. Fragrant aroma instantly fills the room. I like it. At least that had been cast hollow floating in the air. Kukocok deck of cards in my hand. I put on the table in front of Nina.
"Come, accompany Ma'am playing cards. ... Take one," I said. Nina's eyes looked at me. Her lips were still meeting. But his eyes started sweating. With a slow movement without passion he draws a card. Then open it.
"Ah! Your heart is crashing, sad, disappointed, uncertain. You're hurt," I muttered when he saw the opening of the card.
Like I did ... I ran over the long gelinjang kupendam taste. I began to open the next cards. "You're thinking of someone, instead of ... ah ... you miss him ... wait ... wait ... a long way ... you're waiting for a man?" "Yes," his voice sounded giddy as coming from another world.
I continued to open the cards. "Waiting ... obstacles ... girls ... he's married?" I asked when it appears to me a picture of a woman on the card. "Yes," this time his voice like a cracked mirror cracked. He wound up like dying.
I felt it to crackle-crackle through my mind. Why I've ever felt like five years ago? "You love her, Nina?" "Very much!" This time he answered quickly.
I take a deep breath. I let the cards scattered on between me and Nina. I saw the moon pierced his heart like a weed.
"But he disappointed me, Ma'am. He betrayed me." He could no longer hide his heart rattling noise that sounds like a fire pottery.
"He betrayed you? Not that he is cheating on his wife? Not she already married?" I asked, playing dumb for trying to get rid of the past which started biting sanubariku. It still feels sore.
"Yes. He's married. But she's so mean. He wants to leave. He loves me. We have future plans," he replied naive and innocent.
Gosh! Is that me five years ago? I really like seeing a mirror of me.
Clouds of incense smoke throw me into another equally pekatnya five years ago. I'm in the puff-puff of thick smoke from the mouths of the moneyed men who go with you to sit, drink, get to the bedroom. The men are intoxicated because of my beauty as a prima donna in a guesthouse in the evening's entertainment complex. The men who need a warm cold. The lonely man who needs a hug. The men who do not know where to spend their money too much.
"His wife is bad how? Wife's name so naturally he does not like it when her husband in touch with other women," I said lightly, or rather I'm used to "mengenteng-entengkan" answers that will ultimately make me hurt. "That one, yes her husband.'s Wife really still playing with fire. But the man his name so ... yes," I said quietly.
The man did so, I sighed. Men are like playing with fire. Men are like ambiguous. Like the men who come and go in my bed. They burned down suppressing arousal, thirst until the last breath she sniffed sniffed. Then they went after sumpalkan bundle of money in my cleavage.
"But Bayu not like that!" Nina quickly countered. "Bayu loves me, Ma'am! He will not leave me."
Yes! Prihadi also do not like other men. He also loves me. Prihadi not like other men fuck me roughly. He was very gentle to the size of the "buy" the warmth of a woman like me. Because Prihadi, then I do not want to accept other guests. He wanted me just for him, so he bought and bail from the parent landlord. Then he took me out of house and bought me a small house. He was a hero to me. He did not leave me. It even gives the seed of new life growing inside my body. I'm very happy. But then I decided to leave.
I decided to leave Prihadi when his wife came to see me with so graceful and dignified. Faced with a woman who is so shiny, tall, slim with yellow skin, beautiful face gentry, gentle-spoken, made me feel really low and has no meaning. He did not rebuke or chide-makiku. He was almost perfect for the size of a woman, but ... can not give the child to Prihadi! "You Ningsih? I Prihadi wife. My name is Beautiful." Oh, she really as beautiful as her name.
"I know your relationship with my husband," she said with a really stressed the word "husband" is. "And I know you're definitely good woman," he again put pressure in the words "good woman" who was clearly projecting to me. "As a good woman, you should not have a relationship with a man who has been married ... for whatever reason," this time he emphasized each word so that membakat my face felt hot.
"Nina, as a good woman, you should not touch with a man who has been married ... for whatever reason ...," I kept repeating the phrase that five years ago to Nina. Actually it's a cliche, is not it? Just to cover that somehow upset gulanaku crawl the entire inner surface.
"But, Ma'am, Bayu loves me ...," Nina replied. It also answers that I gave five years ago to the woman who was almost perfect.
But when it was, he actually gave a cheery smile. He was absolutely without expression of anger. "Men usually like that. But you my good woman. Prihadi Although tempting, and the pursuit of love, but is not it is appropriate that you reject it? You do know that he's married?" again he made me pale. I tried to photocopy it obsolete words to Nina. "But I also love the Bayu," he moaned bitterly.
I felt the same bitter when I gave the same answer to his wife Prihadi. Even then I still provide additional answers. "I'm pregnant with Prihadi ...." I hope to answer that he would not disturb my feelings with his words but it feels gentle slapping.
"Okay, I understand if you love Prihadi," he laughed softly but it feels more rasp. Gosh! He laughed! Made of whether this woman?
"If you love someone, then you're going to do anything that would make her happy right?" He was good at playing the sentence. Briefly sentence statement, briefly interrogative sentence. But none of that sentence membakatku feel comfortable.
Hey! Ridiculous is right! Already and hopefully he does not curse ... makimu, said I thought. "Yes, I would do anything to make Prihadi happy."
"Well, you know if Prihadi is a public figure who is quite well known and respected in this town, right? He has a position, wealth, charisma, and good name. Can you imagine how reputable Prihadi if exposed to have a relationship with another woman ... and even had a child out of wedlock? "
Oh ... she has perfect grammar! He did not use harsh words. He uses the term "having a relationship with another woman", he did not say "have a former prostitute mistress", she says "a child out of wedlock", he did not say "illegitimate child". Does that mean he respect me? But why did I just do not feel appreciated? I just feel humiliated. Or did I deserve to be embarrassed? "How? Is the situation it would be good for Prihadi?" "No," I have no choice but to those words.
He laughed softly but this time really like the laughter of a hangman who successfully memengal head of a prisoner who did not resist.
"Then how do you get to make Prihadi happy? You do not want to ruin everything I've owned Prihadi, right?" It was truly a perfect executioner. He cut off my head without any pain whatsoever.
I live a flounder, lying, dying without ever feeling die.
"If you love Prihadi, leave him, aborted kandunganmu. You go away and start a new life. I'll help you. You're so beautiful, Ningsih. I'm sure, will not be difficult for you to find a good man who has not married," he closed execution by the words slowly but stressful. "Obviously? I hope you're smart enough to understand everything," he said.
Then not much I can kubantah when he "helped" solve everything. He make buying and selling of houses kutempati. He replaced it with a sum of money which is more than enough. He drove me to the doctor and pay all costs "issue" candidates who dwells in my life. He bought me a plane ticket. He walked me to the airport. He hugged and kissed my cheek, then whispered, "take a new life, Ningsih. Please, do not bother Prihadi life. Thank you for your understanding. You're a good woman ..." Oh! It was truly a perfect woman!
Until my plane took off, I can not shed a tear at all. What needs to be wept? The woman was not abused or insulted. In fact, he "helped" and gave me lots of money to start a new life in a city far away from them. Feels millions nikam knife-stabbing. My heart ached, but my eyes can only condense.
Since then, I'm friends with these cards. These cards are the parent of landlord. I learned from him to read these cards. Formerly, from these cards, I know if I'll get a lot of room or not? Do Prihadi will come or not. Ah, that name kutepis quickly.
I went on the way the cards are still scattered on the table. I do not want to remember the past that has been so long buried. I do not want to look back because it is very painful. After all, with the money I brought, I could build a new life, buy this house, opened a small shop, receive boarding-lodging, met Nina ...
"Obstacles ... hurdles ... miss ... ah ... she had no money!" I tried to change the sense of my wounds by reading the cards Nina. Again the prediction is read from cards scattered. "Confused ... women ... obstacles ... He misses you too. But he was confused about how to confront his wife," I retorted.
Nina discordant laugh. "Bayu did not have any money. His wife is rich. His wife, who holds the reins of the company. His wife was already aware of our relationship. He then drove out of the company. Now he's away from me, Ma'am! He loved wealth more than his wife's feelings!"
"Bayu failed me, Ma'am," snapped. This time the dew-dew in her eyes falling into the rain. Menganak gushing on her cheek hollows. "Bayu deceive me, Ma'am! He is not afraid to live rich by going with me. I hate him!" The rain was already a storm. Low rumbling noise as if a tornado will destroy anything. Lara wallowing like a piece of the leaves of autumn in her eyes that cut. "What do you want from him?" "I wish she was sick ... I feel so sick!"
I was stunned. It's too painful I've ever tasted. What hatred is beyond pain. I also hate Prihadi half to death. Why did he not find me if he loves me? Why so perfect ever since his wife came to see me, nor did he ever appear? Then when she "helped" to complete it all, he is also no news story? Though already looking as if to the ends of the world. Whether it was an agreement they both?
Finally, I feel my search in vain. He was looking up to the end of a dream. Kubatin, call, through life, with all the hope and longing. But I found a vacuum. So, I decided to be friends only with hatred and pain. Maybe it would be more friendly and fun. It was true. Easier to hate than to forgive. Pain is more delicious than hope. Be the hatred and pain that I kept for Prihadi.
Night after night, kusumpahi content of the almost perfect woman. I'm not willing to fulfill its perfection as a woman with a child, while he told the doctor to easily scoop out a small grain of green beans in my belly. Let him also enjoy the same quiet as quiet a buy me.
Since that night, the night Nina also be busy. Nina became very fond of the night like me. Every night, he sends the pain to the Bayu. ***

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