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My in-laws Mother, adult stories

My in-laws Mother Kutaklukkan - Stories MesumFebruary 24th, 2009The story began from nasty accident when I passed the bathroom. But it seems it is a deliberate action to the law that opened the bathroom door while she was bathing.

Batangku wringing that has begun to erect this perfect, I noticed that my in-laws continue to shower activity. Menggaulinya my intention to eventually arise. After considering profit or loss, I decided to join together reckless mother-in-law, a bath together. I hugged him from behind, while my hands grope smooth running wild in the body. Feeling from the neck to his genitals. Mother-in-law was initially shocked, but after knowing I was coming, her beautiful face immediately smiled mischievously.

Hello my name is Grace Bannerman (a pseudonym). A 37-year-old man, married, with a woman who is very pretty and comely. I was blessed with 2 children of God that funny. Happy and prosperous household, even though we do not live abundant material.
Arguably since high school I was a woman's dream man. Not because of my physical that this athletic, but also because a great ability (with no intention of overbearing) in the field of sports (basketball and volleyball, and badminton), art (I'm proficient piano and flute) and also a lesson (I was ranked third as a student The best in SMAku). The difference is first time in high school, I'm not too interested in things like sex and women, because when it konsenterasiku more focused on academic issues.
Playboyku talent began to emerge after I became a head of household. I began to realize the power tarikku as a normal guy and a tough stud. Since appointed as Head of the marketing department here, the bad thoughts in my brain began to drop. Moreover, I also hobby of watching blue movies.
Another woman who had attended my heart is Maya. He is my co-workers, fellow employees but from different majors, Accounting. He is from Surakarta, had long lived in Bandung. We had an affair a year after I married Lilis, my wife. Our relationship is not to do things that lead to sexual activity. Our relationship only lasted for 6 months, since he moved to another city with her parents and married to a man of their choice. As luck! Polygamy ruined my intentions are. And I've been meaning to make my second wife, although my first wife likes it or not. Frustrated, for a few months of my life felt empty. Fortunately, my attitude did not last long, because in the same year I met a friend who taught me a healthy lifestyle, bodybuilding.
At that time, around 1998, whose name sports fitness, not a trend as it is now. Demand is still small. Gym-gympun still rare. To be honest I'm lazy berbodybuilding as did my friend. Especially when it's red-hot political issues and social unrest. Not to mention the monetary crisis that can seriously damage the Indonesian economy. Fortunately the company where I work is strong enough to survive the storm due to financial crisis, so I did not participate diPHK. But a very good friend of mine kept motivated, up to less than 3 months, I was just a man berpostur mediocre-though I was athletic, being a fairly new bodybuilding athletes excel at regional championships and national levels. Best of my office and the whole family got it supports all my activities. They said "our office had Ade Rai new, so we do not need security guards or bodyguards just" an anecdote which has become santapanku days.
The more time passes, kukurangi bodybuilderku activity. Moreover, I was appointed as Head of marketing now, where profits begin to side with the company where I worked. I started to get busy now. However, to maintain my physical in order to stay fit and primed, I still routinely basketball, volleyball, and cycling. Only 2 times a week I go to the gym. The result is my body still look athletic and muscular, but not as good as when I became an impromptu bodybuilding athlete.
When I became a bodybuilding athletes, many women glances. Some of them asked me out. But since that time I was engrossed in this sport to pursue, their responses and not kutanggapi temptation. One who likes to tease me was Mia. She is the daughter of a neighbor-in-law. Recently graduated from high school, and he will continue to a known state university in Bandung. The girl liked to tease in every dream and shadow always decorate my mind when I fuck my wife. Mia will tell my story to another time.
As usual, I woke up. That morning I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. After washing the face, I began to change clothes. I'll do the morning exercise. A healthy morning air has always motivated me to jog around the complex perumahanku. By cool I wear a sport that is quite tight and fitted body size in this machoku. Then I wore boxers who also got my butt print like this chiselled. I'm being deliberately so, to realize my dream, seductive beauty Mia with my body. According to the news, he also likes to jog. My intention to have fun with Mia was already long kupendam. But for this girl always makes me grimly and curious. He's like a kite in the wind, approachable away, shunned approaching.
Not long jogging, my body had already started to sweat. A wet T-shirt sweat gym, make this a sturdy body with a clearly printed. I think Mia will be stimulated to see me. But unfortunately, that morning there was no sign of Mia is jogging. Another neighbor did not seem too ordinary jog together. And I was jogging about 30 minutes. At that moment I realized, I woke up too early. And usually I jog at 06.00 and above. With a sense of disappointment I went back to my in-laws house. From the front of the house appeared deserted. I understand, the occupants are still asleep. That was also when I wake up, not my wife's comments came as he was falling asleep after a night she accompanied her son to play playstation. As I walked toward the kitchen for a drink, I saw that sexy mother-in-law was in the shower. Apparently he was awake when I jog earlier.
The bathroom in-law's house bersebelah by side with the kitchen. Every time you want to drink, you must pass through the bathroom. Such as intentional, the bathroom door was left slightly open, until I could see the back of curvy body that was exciting in-law clearly. In-law even though he was already head of 4, but still look sexy and comely, because he is very diligent in taking care of his body. He was diligent in gymnastics, aerobics, body language, herbal drink, take a healthy diet, so no wonder her body is no less a body of a young woman in her 30s.
Looking at the exciting sights, cash batangku hardened. Trunk large, long, and it's hard to feel the hole that favors warm, wet, and humid. The shaft was also like a crumpled, dikulum, and was spitting bullets in a more narrow hole again. Batangku wringing that has begun to erect this perfect, I noticed that my in-laws continue to shower activity. Menggaulinya my intention to eventually arise. After considering profit or loss, I decided to join together reckless mother-in-law, a bath together. I hugged him from behind, while my hands grope smooth running wild in the body. Feeling from the neck to his genitals. Mother-in-law was initially shocked, but after knowing I was coming, her beautiful face immediately smiled mischievously.
"Banner, naughty you" he said, hugged me. He turned around, kissed my mouth. Soon we were berpagut, each kiss, touch, and squeeze each other's bodies. I opened my shirt hastily assisted in-law until I was bare-round. Batangku was held taut, large, and handsome.
We were warming up for about 10 minutes with the game in batangku oral delights, before the cock kutusuk with batangku. The game lasted exciting lust. I fuck her in doggy style position. I ran a hand over her breasts are taut, the squeeze-squeezed, toying with her nipples already hardened. 30 minutes went by, mother-in-law has reached the peak as much as 2 times. 1 time in doggy position, a position once again, face to face in the bathroom wall. But unfortunately, batangku still hardened. I panicked because of it. I'm afraid if this batangku still awake as the day had started early. I'm afraid we'll caught my wife. Apparently it's in-laws understand my panic. He returned mengoral batangku are still fit and strong, then he whispered tenderly,
"Do not worry dear banner, still a long time" he said mischievously.I was puzzled to hear his words, but I let this activity continue to sigh a sigh as he favors. Suddenly the mother-in-law to stop her action. He immediately stood up. Seeing that, I protest,"Why, ma'am, I khan has not come out?" My voice was hoarse, full of lust."Patience dear, we yuk it up in my room" she said tenderly.I was more confused. "But there is khan father?" My voice was still hoarse, because of lust.
"Do not worry, your father would be gone shortly after you jog before, he's duty to Java" mother-in-law said while packing up my exercise clothes are scattered in the bathroom and then take my hand toward his room. Once in his room, I sent her back in bed, while he wiped the remnants of water, sweat, and soap on his body with a dry towel already in his room. Then he did the same thing to me. After that he just took the position 69, began mengoral batangku back. Soon my soul was revived. This time I'm determined to make my in-laws out to three times. I was worried my relationship will be found out this morning my wife, but the hell ... que sera, sera. Whatever will be will be.
I was behind the attack the mother-in-law. Mouth and my tongue with his ferocious play. Also participate actively ran a hand over my hand, meremasi genital lips and pricking holes anal mother-in-law. Clit is already swollen with sexual stimulation kujilati, and keremasi with exasperation. I played well as what is in the vicinity of his cock. Combined squeeze finger, finger bowl hand on his cock, and the attack my tongue-in-law managed to get out again for the third time. "Aaaaahhhh .... screamed the banner of love ...." delicious mother-in-law. Lust mother-in-law fluid rushing out of her pussy hole. Immediately, I smoke and swallow up until nothing remains.
I too smiled, and then I changed my position. Mother-in-law without giving an opportunity to rest, turned my batangku are still fit and strong in the direction of her vagina, then kusetubuhi him in the missionary position. I felt batangku penetrate the vagina of a woman's head 4 which is father of three, but still feels plasticity and kekesatannya. It seems that the program special herbal female organs which he drank with great success. Hers still feels good and enjoyable time batangku swipe in and out.While mother-in-law fuck, I'm toying with her breasts are big and chewy, with mouth and hands. Kuraba rubbed, squeezed, squeezed, kujilat, bite, until the breast is reddish. Satisfied breast play my hand toying clit, while my mouth guerrilla in the smooth hairless armpits, while his other hand still toying with her breasts. Hands-free mother-in-law, wringing her hair, and scratching my back. This favors our position for many minutes, up to 45 minutes later my mother-in-law reached the fourth orgasm. After that he asked for a break. I'm actually lazy to grant his request, because I'm responsible, almost to the top. But I finally relented.
"Great banner you deh, you can make mom out to four times" said mother-in-law."Aah mothers may be deh" I said humbly."And you've jogging 45 minutes, but you still mighty" continued his praise."Itukan has become a habit, not" I was telling the truth."You really are a mighty man, Lilis lucky to have you" said my in-laws again.
Then we talked as usual. As he talked, his mother-in-law rogue guerrillas through my body. Finally he is back playing batangku have shrunk in size.
I got up, then get out of bed. Mother-in-law looked at me surprised, he thought I was going out of his room and end the game we love. But kutenangkan him, saying, "Wait a minute ma'am, I'll check on first". I did worry, I'm afraid to wake up my wife and son. Quickly I put back my exercise clothes and left the room in-law. Apparently I was wrong. Day had been moved in the morning, around 6:15 minutes, but my wife and son had not yet awake. Intrigued I went up to my room and the room where my son slept. It turned out that both children and my wife was still fast asleep. I was relieved to see it. Looks like playstation game last night, managed to make them collapse. I went to an alarm clock in room two, then kustel to number 9 in the morning.
I looked at my wife's sleeping face full of peace, saying to myself, 'Go to bed the old dear, I have not finished enjoying your mother's body "and kissed her cheek. After that, I returned to the bathroom, wash my body, then back again to the room-in-law. We engage in intercourse favors back again. In the last intercourse, mother-in-law and I are both reaching orgasm we shared in anal doggy position. Afterwards I returned to the room my wife, after cleaning herself in the bathroom for the last time, and then put on my nightgown back.
That's my sex story with mother-in-law on a beautiful morning. No Mia, there Arini, my in-laws of the beautiful and exciting.
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