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how to add your facebook by many friends

how to add your facebook by many friends
here are some ways to add your facebook by many or even thousands if you rajin.berikut are several ways that you can add facebook olehratusan even thousands of people.
how's easy, but it takes a long time, require capital, and that certainly should require facebook lah, if you do not have facebook how in the add ..
betol tidaaaaaakkkk ................

he's tips for you.
1. promote your facebook to the public, such as billboards for the contents of which add me ..
2. often frequent comments to the group on behalf of the way people jamming adad.
3. forced your friends to add you .. nge
4. there is a little extreme way, the guarantee success .. nie how. you go up to the tall building, and shouted as strong as strong, so "if not in the add my facebook, I'm going to jump and commit suicide.
5. if you are possessed of capital, pay someone to add your jamming. This means guaranteed to succeed
6. was given some of your money to the beggars and buskers on the streets, and ask for prayers from the people so that you at add a lot of people.
7. make is the one to persecute you, even if necessary, all people persecute you. prayer of the oppressed because it will be granted

Thus surefire tips on how to add more people to you .. If you are interested please try it, but this is only as entertainment only,
:) Good luck for those of you who want to try, good luck ..
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