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Hanni chinese descent - Adult Stories

Hanni chinese descent - Adult StoriesMarch 11th, 2009Adults 17 years of this story began when Hany descendants of Chinese who began to open to me. I'm 36 years old, married and has gained 3 children, worked in the medical field, and lived in South Jakarta. My face was normal, sweet black my wife said, height 165 cm, straight, fine hair tends to thin. My sex life is normal, even to say I have a high sex appetite.
Even with my wife I had to get satisfaction, but as a normal laki2, I also have a fantasy to have sex with another woman. I'd be very excited at the type-virgin female finches (skinny tall and slender, with a flat chest). That picture of me, ahead of Valentine's day I was reminded of this event 5 years ago, and I tried to pour in writing.
Between 1997-98 I was given the task of studying in Surabaya. Surabaya city is not strange for me because that's where I was born and raised. I decided to boarding because'm not ngerepotin relatives, anyways cuman 6 months. New 2 days and have not finished beresin clothes - which I carried buku2, lust and passion needed to increase the distribution, until finally masturbation. 'I can not continue ... .. kaya gini' I thought to myself.The next day I was looking for some no telf teman2 deketku a force. In short I get no a friend, call it Hani, the age of our own age, married with two kids. We used to deket, often get together a group as well as practical.
Hanni chinese descent, high enough for a woman, white, flat chest. Initially only the telephone each other, discussions, meals and go out, until one day (mid february) he used calling (abis rich cry) want to meet.
"Mas, could not come to my house, I want the story".'Ok, say, at the usual place ntar ktemu yes, I said.With the Lancer th 83'an I drove to see him, then together to his home. On the way we talked macem-macem began scientific, political to the sordid things,"Mas, when to go to Jakarta?" He said (my schedule to go home each month)."Next week, emang knapa?" I asked back."No daddy does cuman, wrote for fun".'If cuman fun, do not cuman nanya .... .... Ngerjain I deh ', I replied.'Hehehehe ngerest basis, your brain' did not feel we have come to his house hani open the gate house. (Terrace dirty ... full of dust, rich in a few days not swept.'You stay here ?????' I asked in surprise."Kebangetan deh ... .... I do not live here, this house parents who kmaren abis dikontrakin, once a week and I look bersihin", he said, go into.
I entered my car and immediately went home ...Although tersanya dirty with dust, but not stuffy house ... .... Quite comfortable, the furniture is maintained. Hani mempersilahkanku sit smentara he broom front porch.'Self Enak2in yes ... .. I bersih2 bentar'katanya.'How good would ... ...'ve not treated to drinking, .... Left again, 'I said"Let ah, yes I take a shower first?". Ngeres imagine my brain immediately wrote a beautiful body beneath the clothes worn'Whats the problem?' I asked further ado, he moved to sit kesebelahnya. 'Ordinary ... .... family problems', he said.'Is it about sex?' I becandain'Loe wrote tetep rich first, sableng, and not far from sono' ... ... but there benernya hell ... .. although not directly ', he replied.
Then Hani story at length, the core sense not satisfied husband's authoritarian attitude and always blame when there is disagreement with the law."I'm tired bner2, Sony (her husband) always pro ama mother, when I tried to reply in-law ngomel2 neutral". Sobbing she ended her story.When I hold her hand, and he was silent, instead say "can I leaned on your chest". I nodded and immediately grabbed it and stroked it gently shoulder-length hair. I kissed her forehead gently, Hani looked up and whispered softly "Mas, I need support, affection and intimate caresses".
At that moment I felt swept away by the situation he created, so without feeling awkward kiss her eyes, nose, Hanni menngeliat so our lips met. Hanni got up and said quietly as he hugged me, "hold me tight, im yours now".I gently kissed her lips again, and memagutku hani respond. We hugged each other like new lovers who meet after long parting with a mountain of longing.
With hani position sitting on the lap, my hand touched her hair and neck move, bellowing Hani, hand searching and trying to reach an already tense penis behind my pants. My right hand then moves from the stomach towards the hips, hani shifted down from my lap, pulling up her thighs, dasternya automatically lifted. U know what?, It turns out hani not use the CD.
"Mas I want to, ... ... ... .. do it now she whispered. Soon I was licking mecky beautiful pink with a bit of hair but panjang2, I basahin and sibakkan bulu2 fine with my tongue while occasionally touching clitnya.'Ahhhh, mas ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ... ... .. I want, fuck me now '... ... ... ... ... ... .... His hands were trying to open my pants and took my dick.'I'm uncomfortable here' I feel good not because it is still in the living room."Yuk room ', he said stand up and lock the living room where we were warming up.'Who's afraid of ... ..., he smiled and walked and open dressing gown, I follow from behind, his body is so beautiful ... ... .. smooth like marble.
The main bedroom measuring 5x6 m wide and quite luxurious. What is special is the presence of a large mirror (maybe 3x2, 5 m) in front of the bed. In front of a mirror I hug Hani deftly opening his shirt, pants and my CD, so beautiful and exciting. Erotic gerakan2 we really seen from the mirror.
Soon my cock sticking out loud as if joy to see freedom. I quench my thirst whole, we are touching and being touched and kissed. After a few moments touching and being touched, Hani beautiful body flung into a bed that has been waiting for. I continued my activities that were suspended earlier, Hoping That she'll Understand what I want. Look's like SHE catch what im thinking, Hani turned to position themselves in the position ... 69. he kulum my cock, which soon evolved, to combat the size and length with a diameter of 2.5 to 3-cm 15-16an.
Ahhh ... I sighed, enjoying skarang kuluman and gentle suction Hani ... ... ... 'You really good at ngisep, Han' I praised him, while still sucking meckynya, which has dampened enthusiasm mucus.Ohh, mas ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ayo ... ... .... he got up and squat over the miniature monasku ... ....Achieved and directed my cock to burrow senggamanya, then he rocked up and down, biting his lip. I catch her tiny breast and squeze it SLOWLY, then after 3 mnts, Hani wants me on her body ... hani seems to have reached orgasm when he menunggangiku ... ... ..
I'm behind a body with the penis still embedded position. Hani help open the gates lebar2 surgawinya.dengan raised to 2 thighs upwards.I backed my cock forward, with the rhythm of 5 X 1deep whisk lightly penetrated, 'Mas .... , Mmmmhhh, Deeper ... ... ... .... Harder ... ...., He raved ... ... ....'It's already up I said', ... ..Hany laughing ... .. so otot2 participate pussy pulsing rhythm of laughter ... .... ,I drag the body to the tip Hanni bed, and punched deep into my cock. Hanni screaming hysterically enjoy my game style, 2nd hand pulled my hips as if to hold my dick still in position.Han ... .... I mo until ... ... .... he said I have not had time to remove the sperm into her womb ... ... ... .. Hanni also seemed to have reached his orgasm the second time. We were joking and chatting in bed after an exhausting battle earlier.'Did you kebangetan deh, I can not resist laughing when loe said already maximal' ... ... .., 'you who kebangetan', I said already know my cock even say that much more palace ... ..., because you're not strong I held my laughter, .... ... ... Abis meckymu also picked up laughing I say ... ....'Who told loe Hehehehe restrain', he said. 've Ah, bath with yok, he said, kissing me spoiled.
After that we are increasingly being ktemu and ML in places that allow, until I finish my learning task

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