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Dinner menu Kadek Sonia Piscayanti Short Story

Dinner menu Kadek Sonia Piscayanti Short Story
Something that would crack and our eternal membikinnya Mother vowed to build his family on the dining table. He is obsessed realize that happy families eating together through the media. So, he spent his life in the kitchen, cooking and even thousands of millions just to serve food menu dishes that vary daily. He has millions of list dinner at her kitchen cabinets. The list was neatly arranged inside an old folio book twice as thick as a dictionary of Indonesian language, order of cuisine begins with the letters A through Z. He put together my own dictionary since the age of marriage one day until now the age of 25 years. In the dictionary next to the recipes, the piles and piles of recipes from all regions of Java, Madura, Padang, and even Chinese food. Not to mention clipping recipes from the tabloids are as thick as a woman Oxford Advanced Learner dictionary.
Fill Mom's head is different from other mothers. In the head as there are only three words, a dinner menu. Every second, every sigh, his mind is the food menu for dinner only. Dinner was formal ritual that implicitly made dibikinnya and remain stable until today. Although, three children had grown up, he never receded prepare dinner in such a way just like when he did it first, since the age of marriage is still one day.
This family grew up together at the dinner table. They have been familiar with the habit of telling at the dinner table while enjoying the cuisine menus Mother. They talk about anything at the dinner table. They sit together and listen to each other their respective stories. No matter whether the events were disconnected or not, it is important to others or not, just tell. Others may respond, make comments or ask quietly if not interesting. Faces wrinkled, depressed, a lot of problems, stress, depression, anger, disappointment, shock, despair, anxiety, and so forth, can be captured from the atmosphere at the dining table. Instead cheerful faces, cheerful, radiant, glowing flowers, fall in love, can also be predicted from the ritual meal with this. Most mothers know everything.
He did have an interest in the regularity of this tradition of eating together. Only one interest in life, make sure all family members in a state he had hoped. To Mom, one day this ritual is passed, he would lose the moment to find out her family problems. Nothing can be hidden from this moment of togetherness. And lose the moment that he felt like a failure of a scary life. He did not want that to happen and he tried hard to make it not happen.
He did not dare to think of losing the moment. Really knows, he must face one day, he was never really ready for it. Which is rather a relief, all the members of his family was familiar with that tradition and they seemed to realize that their mother needs an atmosphere to make it "there". All the people know and understand. So all the people trying to make her feel "there" by following the ritual. However, sometimes some of them consider this tradition tedious. *** Four o'clock in the morning. Mom has been cooking in the kitchen. He prepares breakfast very seriously. Mother had never thought of cooking is a trivial activity. He never believed that a wife who never cook for her family was a good mother. If anyone is underestimating the cooking, she will deflect it with one argument: God is a blessed culinary cuisine born out of the hands of a mother who brings love and affection for each substance dibikinnya flavor dishes. Mother believes that food is the language of love of a mother to her family, like a bridge that connects the human mind. To this end, the children will stop to hear the explanation that they had memorized by rote. Mother would not stop talking when his peace disturbed. And who can stop him only himself.
Breakfast arrived. Mother in the kitchen preparing breakfast. He set up the menu as stated on the menu in the pantry. Scrambled eggs, green vegetables and soy sauce. There were five people in the family. Everybody has different tastes. Her husband likes cooked eggs are not true, somewhat salty, without chili. Aries like eggs frying completely dry, and should be spicy. Pisca, likes all sweet food. Should be partially cooked eggs dadarnya with soy sauce and a little vitsin. While Canestra, not like the yolk. Before scrambled, egg yolks from the whites should be separated first. If not made in accordance with the order, he could not eat. For days.
What about Mom? You did not even have all sorts. Eggs dadarnya is a standard, no special treatment. He can eat anything, which is important to eat, so be it.
7:05 o'clock. Half-baked omelet salty, spicy omelet, sweet with vitsin eggs, and eggs without the yolk, the following green vegetables and soy sauce have been served. All have faced each dish to order. Breakfast is usually nothing was too much talking. All busy with their respective plans in his head. Apparently, no one wants to share. Aries is now working at a government office, a regional power honorarium. He must arrive at the office at least seven two five, because there is an apple every seven thirty. Pisca have to go to college. He sat down at half seven now. It seems that being can not be disturbed by anyone. His face shows that. It will probably meet with the supervisor or something, but his face clouded. Probably a lot of problems, but she could only look at it. Canestra're still in high school. He seemed most at ease. His hand holding the comic. Japanese comics. Eating, reading is a habit. The father, sitting still in silence, chewing food, and without looking at the other. Men who stopped working a few years ago it seemed slow finish eating. He enjoyed cooking it, or do not care? No one knows.
One by one they left the dining room. Only the dirty dishes are left on the dining table. Mother took her to the kitchen, washing dishes and wiping clean up the dinner table. The next ritual is to submit budgets to the market that day to her husband. Moments is the most he hated his life. He hated taking money from her husband, who always seemed willing and disbelief.
Finally, the menu's ingredients were trimmed as good udelnya, he did not want to know anything. In the end he just gave ten thousand only for all that. Of course that should be less than the budget, twenty thousand. For all that, then automatically changes the menu: there is no seasoning chicken salad, no capcay, that is live and tempeh corn cakes. Green vegetables, he said, so-so. The important vegetables, and cheap. Ah ...
Mother went to market with unsteady. The day was Friday. Short days. The children will be home sooner than usual. He quickened his pace. Not easy to divide the time, sometimes very much work to the extent that there is no time to do other things besides affairs of the kitchen. Sometimes he thinks there is something really important thing to do but that would overlook the kitchen and it also means ignoring the taste of her children. It's impossible. No one understands tastes her children except her.
But sometimes he is tired of dealing with menus. He had tried all the menu at cookery books, she has tried all the recipes on TV, and he ran out of ideas at one time. He noted that the menus have been dibikinnya. About sambal: sambal goreng krecek, sambal fried liver, godog sauce, chili potatoes, onion sauce, sambal kecicang, lemongrass sauce, etc.. Various ca, sort of: ca mustard greens, kale ca, ca spinach, bean sprouts ca, ca cauliflower, etc.. All kinds of cakes and fried dried: meatball cucumber, potato cakes, corn cakes, potato pie, potato croquettes, and so on. Until the middle class food staple seen from the expensive kind: pork soy sauce, curry chicken curry, shrimp curry, satay seasoning salad, opor chicken, chicken feet soup with Chinese mushrooms, beef jerky, fried crab. Also sundries like Chinese food: shiobak, koloke, fuyung O, ang sio HIE, hao noodles, noodles tao, and so on. This list will get longer still if mentioned pepes sundries, sundry ointment, or fish sundries.
All the menus had been tried out no trace, but it seems there is still something missing. He was more often creative, one cuisine is sometimes combined with other dishes, such as tempeh Pepes, fern curry, satay tofu, and so on. But still the menus seemed not enough to make a variety of different menu every day. Because that's what will make her family feel at home and missed dinner.
He never felt like stopping just think it's menus, but her husband would say, "You have chosen to be a woman mediocre, not working and serving the family. Even you vowed to build a family at the dining table, why do not you think before ? "
Mother pondered the words of her husband. Something is wrong on these assessments. There is no fair in it. Almost always, the victims are those who are assessed, they are accused, they are doing something wrong but assessed and considered mediocre. But what actually happens with the usual and unusual? What determines the usual and unusual? Being a mother is very out beyond incredible. Whether a housewife who devoted all his life for ordinary families more than a mother who had never even thought about his family, although he had seven companies and wealthy? After all, it's just a feeling, not the numbers in mathematics, his name is also a feeling. Charred smell. Mom snapped from her reverie. Tempenya Hirst.
He finished fried tempe-fry it. Then with a rush she grabbed a basket of dirty laundry, from wash. His son came one by one. Mother has not finished washing. He was a bit rushed because they have to prepare lunch for her children. After preparing lunch, he returned to work, finish the laundry.
Ms. Lunch is at 3 pm. After that, he slept two hours. After 5 pm, after his nap, he had to prepare dinner. After dinner, do not think he is finished. There is a Father who asked massaged every day, but every day Mother never complained massage progressed. Ah ...
He did it for the rest of his life. He struggled with it for decades, no one had ever complimented her, and she did not want to be praised, but is that what is called an ordinary woman?
One time, an event came to disturb the family. The day was Tuesday, when a change introduced himself to the family. Aries refused to eat together. He certainly had a reason behind the action breakdowns. But no one knows what the reason for Aries.
Mom disappointed. The dinner menu was sampled for three consecutive days. It is a mental burden for a mother. He is not a pushy, but always read from the signs and the like also guessing. Unfortunately, Aries never have enough time to explain it all. He looked so busy. Sometimes he even looks busy, away from Mother. He down played their dinner ritual. Mom was crying, he felt his efforts to build a tradition of eating this evening in vain. Wrong, if he tried to make something that would crack become immortal? Perhaps it was wrong, but nobody was brave enough to show where the fault, no one have the heart to disappoint her. But Aries, has now made a real disappointment.
The atmosphere became increasingly murky when the day of the fifth, sixth and seventh, Aries also missed dinner. Mother acted. He entered the room the eldest, then, perhaps, to speak there. Pisca and Canestra sitting in front of a television, did not hear anything.
An hour later she came out with a gloomy face, but contrived to make it look radiant. He looks weird. "I know we've never been honest with the dinner. The only thing he's just honest. We all got tired, you know Mom, too. And from this moment, no more lies nothing. Leave it if you did not agree. She also was tired of thinking about dinner menus for you. I want to feel no need to prepare it for you. I'll try. Have fun! "
Mum looked lightly resolve the problem. Followed Mr. Mom to his room. Hopefully they make love. Ah yes they seem never to love again since a few years. Whereas it is necessary, especially for Mother's tired extraordinary. Physical and mental.
Pisca Aries sneaking into the room, leaving Canestra are still engrossed watching television. He really wanted to know, what was discussed Mom and Aries, so she came out with strange faces, but forced moody glow. Pisca asked, "What?" Aries did not answer, but suddenly cry and sank her face under the pillow. With a sobbing, he said, "Why else would defend a falsehood in front of my mother? One of us has betrayed her, for what all of this be maintained?"
Pisca clearly capture his brother, but he did not understand, and do not want to understand, because it is all too sad for him. Moreover, the more sad when she found out someone had been betrayed to the mother? Whoever he is, Pisca not want to know. He did not want to hold grudges, especially against his own family. But does not she always knows what's going on? All questions piled on her head.
Something that would crack, which she never attempted membikinnya immortal, now is completely broken to pieces and could not be united again. Since that time, no regular dinner for them. Only a mother who still feel at home there. Occasionally Pisca or Canestra side. Might come a time when he did miss dinner.
Unfortunately, you really do not understand the problem well. He is wise and smart ass. His words were not really appropriate to describe this whole situation.
"Right, She's mediocre women. He even considers these trivial things as the end of his life!" Pisca inflamed. He felt proud father who must be stopped.
"What is normal? What is unusual? Father also a regular guy, who could not like you. Father is far more common than Mother. Mother, at least try to make the tradition that we know the meaning of togetherness even at the dining table. But look at Mr. who just love to mock but never do anything, never even attempted to do anything! "
Mr. silent. He looked offended. But Pisca joy and satisfaction to offend him. Pisca decided to meet Mom. Mother greeted him with a smile. He knew Pisca will talk about you, about the usual and unusual. Prevent mother spoke first, "Look. You were right about Mother's mediocre. It was supposed to be. Mother receives it, not because Mother let go but I understand very well you all and also this issue. My mother was an ordinary woman, not wanting be unusual. Mother loves you, you all. You can not give money, then you just gave my mother the ability to cook, it was if you want to enjoy it. "
"But Mom, it's an insult. Problems dinner was not just a problem, not a trivial problem. Amounting Mother's efforts to build the tradition of togetherness in our family, but Dad did not even go there. We learn from each other at the dinner table, we decided we live on a dining table, and remember, when you stop working in the office because of misappropriation of funds was very embarrassing, that helps you is that we, also on the table to eat it. "
"You are now being felt lonely, he lost his best moments, it's the hardest thing he'd ever met. We have to understand that."
From the veranda, you hear all the conversation. He thinks that his wife is nice, understanding and patient, but really it is very common, and most importantly, can not be exciting

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