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Bringing delicious chat ... I hoky.

Bringing delicious chat ... I hoky.
My name is Agus, age 22 years. This story stems from the chat. One night as I was too late and tired, then I turn the computer on and start chatting. Idly I click a name and we began the introduction of self respectively. In short we make a pact meet somewhere, and she said she was wearing white clothes and jeans underneath. The next day we met and it was my mother's friend. Crazy! I just wants to escape but he was greeted first trigger, it has been forced to face deh thick and slightly behind the red greeting. His name is Auntie D (34), one beautiful, sexy body (because every time I drove my mother's gymnastics, she has always been there) large breasts, smooth white skin, just sexy out. I just saw him first time when he was wearing gym clothes, "sister" I just got up like mad hard. Especially now face the same person, well .. just can not imagine deh.
Continue, he asked my mother,"Mama you never really Tante clay again in gymnastics, Gus?""Eh .. Tan yes, lately my mom more pain, "I replied with a slight smile."Ooo .." replied Aunt D.Suddenly he menyeletuk again,"You like to chat in the room #**** (edited) Gus yah ..? khan room when it's specifically for aunts, "yet sempet I answered, he nyeletuk again,"You like the same aunts .. ya Gus?"Suddenly my face so red and it was hard to open your mouth, but after a sigh, I ventured,"Yeah .. Tan, abis the old khan more experience," I said with a smile."You're too stubborn .. Gus!" Auntie D said, smiling coyly.
Because there are too crowded, so I invited her out to use my car (if we are using the car he was afraid of getting caught him). On the road we had time to chat about everything from school to work while watching TV in the car. Auntie D would like to change the TV channel, but he's one button press. Which ketekan AV button and instead just show up "BF" that yesterday forgot to pull out of the changer (usually the same if my girlfriend again, often turning blue film on the car). Immediately, half-glaring eyes of Auntie D scenes look at "exciting" in the movie (but I even like the incident was unintentional hehehe .. so do not bother to woo Aunt D again). But I pretended to be polite, I immediately turn off the TV, but suddenly Aunt D holding my left hand and said, "Gus, why do you turn off? khan is good for sex knowledge! "Well without further ado I turn it on again immediately.
After a few minutes later I saw Auntie D bit nervous and then I pretended to ask,"Auntie why nervous?""Eh .. hmm .. not really .. Gus' face looks red and slightly halting speech."Gus .. You've ngelakuin a kayak in the film was not "asked Aunt D said, drew a breath a little irregular."Not to Tan tuh .. why? "I know what that means but I pretended not to know."Want to ngerasain that you do not like in that movie .. Gus?"Wow .. ya this great opportunity, do not be wasted! Immediately, I replied, but with plain tone let me not look like someone else wanted, (she was my mother's friend Khan, so I must be extra careful answer her question!)."Hmm .. want to Tante, tante Quote ajarin I want? "I replied innocently.Then he replied, "Want to Gus dong .. khan young leaves like you must have a strong game. "
Immediately, my chest was beating so fast, and dirty thoughts landed directly in my brain (busyet.. It seems hyperseks aunt deh). Suddenly the "sister" who had been sleeping soundly I now get up and stand loudly that my pants looked there gundukannya. Auntie D smiled looking at my pants, "Gus .. So much have you been lust, here Tante clay, 'brother' you're cute what does not ..? "Instantly, he stroked and unzipped my pants, while I can only stand by and more concentration to the front. "Gus .. 'Sister' you are strong, well .. his muscles out, 'brother' you often join fitness where Gus? "asked he said, joking, and I can just shut up and smile. All of a sudden feeling of warmth enveloped the head of my pussy, and little by little sense of warmth that spreads down the stem toward my pussy. At first glance I see Auntie D was busy sucking on my penis hard and big it is, I feel floating and occasionally made me lose control of my car. "Gus .. you've got big too well .. Tante like Gus .. hmm .. uhhmm .. "I am increasingly losing control, just a quick aside my car and happened to that place less traveled person and rather dark.
After the car stopped, I immediately opened the shirt Auntie D and happen to not wear a bra. Then I squeezed her big breasts and soft, and my right hand holding the head of Tante D while occasionally pressing down, "Auntie .. nice .. hhss .. terusin Tan .. more dalem again .. "game of the mouth tenta D mengganas so that adds noise lust," Cproot .. cproott .. "and suddenly he stopped playing it and .. "Gus .. now your turn muasin Tante .. hmm .. "As he set the breath he moved to the back seat, I just move to the back and immediately opened her jeans (apparently he did not use the CD, he may have planned this in advance) with a sitting position facing to the side and straddle legs up, then I played her clit while one hand wringing her breasts and the other holding the left thigh. Auntie D-gelinjang menggelinjang easement and when I insert the tongue into the hole his cock, he pressed into my head again and said, "hhmm .. nice dear, more came back .. oohhmm .. "'sister' I can not stand it anymore and I just change the position of one foot in the other chair at the bottom, and I guided my penis into the pleasure hole. "Bless .." because the hole was filled with saliva I get a little bit easy to put half of my kejantannan, only a third of my manhood inside. Auntie D was moaning in pain mixed with pleasure, "hhmm .. oohh .. Gus had you not fit in Tante yah .. Gus slowly .. "Little by little I enter and lubricants released thanks to Auntie D finally it all disappear inside. She screams intensified when I sodokkan faster and faster.
As she plays her breasts which may 36B, move the more I raged and of course Aunt D already experienced it responded with an erotic sway. Suddenly Aunt D body becomes stiff and slow movements, he cling to my ass while moving into, and it turns out delicious Auntie D peak, "Oohh .. oohh .. Gus .. hmm .. "Because I have not reached the peak, so I told Auntie D change positions so menungging, and he obeyed, arose during this crazy idea that didamba longing that is entered in the anus hole. Without further ado I just plug it in head first started, all of a sudden she was shocked, "Gus .. you want to enter the hole anal Auntie yah! "Regardless of the words to him, I immediately put my finger into the hole by cock soaked in semen. When I remove my finger, look semen is thick wet my finger and I immediately entered into the pubic Auntie D hole and she moaned and let go, setelang hole was somewhat enlarged and filled with semen as a lubricant I returned again tried to break into and finally succeeded.
Auntie D moaned again, "Acchh .. ooacchh .. "Again, I pierced through with a passion as he plays hard nipples, I moaned easement as if there is suck my pussy and clutched from within," Acchh .. achh .. Tan .. nice? "I asked. "It's good dear .. occhh .. terusin just .. "and arrived at the end of the I sensed there would bust out, and I just unplug and point my pussy to mouth Aunt D, he turned around and started to shake and the occasional lick,"Cproot .. cproot .. ""Hurry dong out dear!""Cproot .. cproot .. ""Oocchh .. Tante little longer .. hhuu .. aghh .. "And finally climax came and sprayed into the mouth and then my Auntie D thrust into the mouth Tante D. She greedily sucked the head of my pussy and my semen occasionally issues. Eventually we both hugged each other and embrace each other while Auntie D tongue feels a little salty due to my semen.
We rested for a moment and said, fix each other's clothes and we moved into the front seat. Auntie D approached my ear and whispered softly handle links, "Gus .. tomorrow, tomorrow if you take it out at Aunt tissue well, let me not make bersihin aunt's mouth 'sister' you, "laughed in my heart (hehehe.. can also aunt is a joke, but was tired achieve it). "Yes Auntie, Auntie have to use the CD but also for bersihin 'cave' aunt who favors it pake do not let my tongue," I replied. "It could be you Gus .." he smiled and pinched me. Since it was eleven o'clock malem so we go back to where Aunt D parking his car in the parking lot and we split it. If there are suggestions send to my e-mail

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