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Adults 17 Years story: Dissatisfied Kukerjai the Udin

Adults 17 Years story: Dissatisfied Kukerjai the UdinFebruary 11th, 2009Adults 17 years and the story began from jahilnya keusilanku Mang Udin. Maid in my boarding house. He had been tricked and raped along laknatnya troops. Now is the time of revenge and work on joint Kontolnya laknatku troops.
It begins

Seeing my reaction Mang Udin as above the wind, his hands began to move down into the parts of my vagina, merenggangkannya and touched my sensitife it with his hands, .. feel the caress of his hands at that point a little to make my body shiver, but I do not want to miss work on Mang Udin, I pulled her hand from my penis hole, the bus I was not so easy to ride it ..

The last day of exams, it's really too late dech, .. somewhat cloudy entering the boarding-kostan-ku,. Slowly I opened the door of my room, .. I just want to enter my boarding room, .. Udin Mang passed, ..
"Non, .. "Geli cengengesan so he's really tough. Moreover, I do not take vengeance on Udin Mang, .."What Mang Ujang? "Ask me lazy, .."My name Udin Non, not Ujang, .. "She protested, .."Ah just wrote, .. Quote Ujang maid's meaning is not it?? "Answer me"Yeah, the non, non Ujang name, .. rather it means helper, .. "Brightness, .."Owh, so, .. so what Mang Udin. "I want to quickly enter, annoyed to see that ugly face it, .."Non gapapa, miss wrote, .. "He cengengesan, he thought a good time yes, ..
I stepped inside the room, .. kukunci meetings Ujang let Mang, Mang uh Udin not get into the kayak event again this time, .. wait wrote Mang Udin, another week yes, ..
In short, who do not need me how difficult the exam Certain I am, finally a week later, Thursday at that time, my friends, my high school when it comes to my place. The one name that Adel is the type of girl who was really talkative, 100x more captious than me, chubby-chubby but still so sexy, .. brown hair in the paint, .. the other one's name Erlin, but we used to call her Lili, .. cerewetnya same as me, dech beautiful person and her hair is still long as it once was, it sounded graceful ..
If I?? Not have diceritain dech yes. dah often really, tar so narcissistic View Gallery again, hohoho ^ ^
Well not imagine how crowded his boarding room to me, there are 3 people who've captious girl about 3 months-an not met,. And I do not think it's interesting also for diceritain, .. time u want us gosipin denger guys, tar on the inferior anymore, .. hehehe, ..
Ampe ngungkapin crazy idea I finally made it ngerjain Udin Mang, .. Lili rejected his first idea was crazy. Differences with a curious Adel with his impotent penis Udin Mang, ..
"Sure Dell? "Asked Lily, .. face do not think so, .."Sure is, itung-itung bantuin friend hahaha, .. ""Mang pa Dell's got a plan? "Ask me curious, ..
Adel also whisper the three of us, .. Hear the crazy idea that I laughed outright and Lili, .."But yes a lot godain lu, .. "Lili was still laughing Adel commit armed robbery."Yeah dech wrong, ..." Adel joined laughing, ..
So Operation Retaliation was begun, ..
"Mang Udin, please donk, .. "I call Mang Udin who was passing by, when in fact been deliberately wait, .."What is non-Loh," Yes hastily approached, certainly not because he was a diligent servant, but see me wearing only a towel wrapped my body, .."That Mang Udin, Water Bath dikamar dead, .. "Petulant-ku, .."Tar Mang Udin check above, .. "He said, his eyes were already like going nerkam wrote, .."That Mang Udin, Shower I wrote once that died, because the sink is flame koq, .. ""OW, yawda Mang entered Udin yes, check, .. "His face seemed to say," Well gini donk, is that I wait, .. "
But Mang Udin was so shocked after entering my room was, Adel and Lili was standing next to a regular chair I used to play computer and browsing the DS,. Both smiled spoiled staring Udin Mang, .."Sitting here donk Mang, .. "Goda Adel. As I closed the door of my room"The tap, .. "," I want benerin faucet, .. "Mang said Udin, pretending to be ... basic lecher who like to pretend, .."Tar aja, used to sit here, .. "Mang udin like kebinggungan, draw breath before then walked to the chair, and sit on it, ..
Mang Udin now sitting in a chair, his face looked confused, but also there are happy strokes in her smile, how not, stand in front of three beautiful girls who notabenenya a student with only a towel wrapped body of the three of us, ..
Adel is indeed the most insane among us directly tempting indeed Udin, .."Mang Udin ya? "Teased Adel thigh while sitting in Udin Mang, ..Udin Mang expression looks like a go awry, he responded with gelagapan mengganguk while, .."I ... I ya neng, who neng ya? "Ask him, he seems to shy cats, but usually not know shame, .."Ah, Mang Udin, it's my friend I am, kenalin donk, .. "Teased me, at once annoyed to see the style of his goody-goody that, .."Udin neng, .. "Mang Sambat Udin, as he shook Adel, .."Adel, .. "Adel seductive smile, .. hands off the buttons of shirt Udin Mang, .."Mang Mang Udin Udin Udin like ga mang diginiin? "Goda said Adel membelaikan Mang Udin fingers on his chest, ..
Udin Mang Ekspersi surprised that not normal, really makes my stomach churned laughter, Adel really desperate mengoda Mang Udin like this, .. Lili who sendari had seemed nervous laugh instantly, even went along with tempting Mang Udin, .."Mang Udin strong body yes, .. "Lili whispered right in front of the ear Mang Udin"Oh yes donk deck, .. "The answer to accent Madura, .. while he slightly pulled his face could not help feel the breath Lili in her ears, .."Open yes Udin Mang, .. "Adel is only pretending to be, while he and Lili have stripped pants Mang Udin, until his penis was hanging weak
Adel and Lili help but laugh, just like me, .. Adel took his hand to ask Mang Mang Udin Udin his towel off, idle Mang Udin also instantly unhooked towel Lili, .."Oh the Mamang, .. "Lili such as shock, see Udin annoyance Mang, .."Hehehehe, .. "Mang Udin reply with cengengesannya, .."Mang udin want? "Ask Adel, Udin Mang .. pointing penis is still limp weak"What would aja dech Neng, .. "Mang Udin cengengesanAdel penis down and grabbed it with his hand, stretched out his tongue, and Udin Mang body shook when the tongue touches his penis was Adel, ..
"Duh Mang Udin, seneng huh?? "Taunted me."Yes Non donk, hehehe, .. "As I thought, so I approached Mang Udin pulled my towel, .."I'll bare all, .. "He said cengengesan,.
I just smiled just seen acting, laughing to myself waiting for my revenge a few moments more, ..
Mang udin brave and bite her lip began to Lili, Lili himself originally wanted to resist but not so, she let her kiss him while Adel Mang Udin more busy with his business and was most eager to prove "lack of perkasaan" Udin indeed, he uses his tongue to play Mang penis Udin, occasionally mengulumnya without the slightest disgust, indeed this one is somewhat hyperseks, ..
He chewed the head of the penis Mang Udin who bear between hard and it's not, .. while his hands were busy churning sticks his cock, .. I was helped by playing the testicles Adel Mang Udin, and I was always interested in nipple shape indeed Udin always point upward, I played with her nipples a humorous tongue caressing my chest until getting wet while Mang Udin still busy bite Lili, which looks fine fine-Mang wrote Udin, who received a kiss benernya not good, and carelessly, while also hand Mang Udin not let a pair of breasts that hung nearby Lili's, ...
Lili fiddling breasts, squeezing gently squeezed through a little rough, which makes Lili occasional groan, .. long enough the four of us also in that state, but the penis Mang Udin never stand, even-shakes and vibrates to spill sperm into the chest Adel, ..
"Still strong Mang? "Ask Adel, .."Yeah Mang If not do not force strong, .. "Taunted me, with subtle tones, .."Yeah loh impotent later Mang, .. "Lili said,"Oh Neng-neng, the calm was not anything, ..""Bener nich mang? "Ask Adel"Non dech Bener, .. ""Yawda let's lie here Mang, .. "Adel guide Mang Udin to my mattress, ..
Adel stood before giving her pussy was right diwajah Udin Mang, Mang Udin deftly moving his tongue Adel's vagina, his tongue sweep-sweep, while I interfere with Udin Mang stroked his chest with my fingers, sometimes I use my tongue It caressed her nipples were, ..
He was shaking-vibration stimuli received in such a way, but he also could only sigh a sigh restrained, and was busy moving his tongue in her pussy Adel, Adel occasional breathy sigh-delicious, indeed I know very well if it's one of skill Mang Udin, in addition to his game , .. but yes it is good only 2 of Mang Udin, another sich not, let alone his junior who can not erect, ..
"Ehmmm, Mang Udin, .. "Adel sighed a sigh, I'm a little help laughing friends also saw the expression on my face it, ..While Lili began playing Mang Udin penis with her hand, she seemed very interested in the penis Mang Udin, who has a circumcised penis head, but short and mushy like that, .. she smiled to herself while playing with his penis, while occasionally playing his tongue on the penis testicles, ..
"Mang Udin not good? "Ask Lili, .."ENN Non-ennak, .. again, .. "Answer Mang Udin tongue interrupted the game for Adel .."If so make a hard donk, .. "Lili smiles Adel hindered by the body.Mang Udin seemed to pretend not to hear and continue the game's tongue.
While I and Lili are now busy stimulating the penis Mang Udi, occasionally seen to harden but then again soft and limp, just me and Lili smiles alone, see Udin lemasnya Mang's penis, while the hand we both take turns playing the penis Mang Udin starting from the trunk to his testicles, the ..
The penis was suddenly trembling, not long after the body Mang Udin bandwagon becomes rigid, while his penis began to spill viscous liquid, I just saw him laughing, as well as Lili, ..
"Mang Udah out ya? "Goda-ku, .."Not Neng, it's just a little sich wrote, .. ""OH so, .. "Answer me pretending to be stupid, ..
"Mang strong Udin yes, .. "Adel pretended praise, .. between sigh, .."Yeah donk neng, Udin, .. "He said proudly, .."Adel nyobain ya want? "Adel said again, Udin Mang faces immediately turned serious, like someone who kebinggungan"Yawda, .. "He said resignedly.
Adel climbed down, he pulled a limp penis Mang Udin weak, he looked at Mang Udin hesitantly, .."This could Mang? "Ask Adel, .."Depending on the excitement, .. "He was evasive, ..Adel just smiled, and penis on top of it, with his hands he guided it right penis in the mouth of her vagina, while slowly she began moving her body membalur Mang Udin penis between his hands and mouth of her vagina,
Adel is definitely pulling force if the penis could harden Mang Udin, I was moved and Lili kissing Mang Udin, but instead face Udin indeed like someone who is holding a sense of pain, .. while my hands, pulling his hand into the chest Udin Mang-ku, Udin Mang slowly began to squeeze my breasts were, as he kissed Lili, his hands squeezing my breasts, my nipples played, so I sighed a little help being given by Mang Udin.
Seeing my reaction Mang Udin as above the wind, his hands began to move down into the parts of my vagina, merenggangkannya and touched my sensitife it with his hands, .. feel the caress of his hands at that point a little to make my body shiver, but I do not want to miss work on Mang Udin, I pulled her hand from my penis hole, the bus I was not so easy to ride it ..
I thrust my chest just kemulutnya, Mang Udin released the kiss from the Lili, and play my chest with his tongue, his tongue touch my nipple play makes me shudder as well, especially the occasional bite pelannya it, .. But it is not easily satisfied if Mang Udin, as if forgetting the pain that his expression was recorded clearly on her face, it can not be from me, the hands of the guerrillas into the hole Mang Udin femininity Lili, .. Lili kept quiet, letting his play there Udin Mang, ..
Lili's face began to change, his face flushed red, while Mang Udin still quite able to divide his concentration plays his tongue on my chest and his hand in the vagina Lili, while Adel Mang Udin more fun cowering bag wringing his cock as he continues to play a penis Mang Udin between the hands and lips cock it,. Make Mang Udin did not last long ..
Udin Mang body vibrate back-great shakes, but he shook his face like someone who is pain, back Udin Mang .. Penis discharge his sperm, he was moaning in pain stops the movement of his hand in my vagina and vaginal Lili, he like someone who is so held sense of pain, .. while Adel was immediately dropped, see Udin Mang penis that such contract, the face seemed satisfied Adel Mang Udin cowering like that, ..
"Well maybe the Mang Udin Quote impotent nich, .. "I seized the opportunity created by Adel, .."Uh delicious aja, aja it's not hard. "Mang said in evasion Udin,"But it's already out again ampe Mang, .. "Ask Lili, as usual with his plain style, .."Yes it sich Non pesky wrote, .. "Mang said Udin"Ah that bener Mang, .. "Adel using his finger jabbing penis Udin's weak Mang, .."Yes Non bener, .. "He said bear the pain, .."If so I mainin ya Mang, .. "Threaten me, pull the penis Mang Udin, as if to shake it .."Please dech Non gosh, yes .. Mang Udin impotent" Mang said Udin not stand, scrambling, getting his dick wilted after 3 times forced to spew his sperm prior to his penis that can not be that hard, he says sich a little sore,.
"Well, Mang Udin from now on do not be like a fad bring outsiders back soon, .. "I said, stroking his face, .."Yes Non, not suer dech again, .. ""Well Mang Udin's story is also not possible keimpotenaan Udin inquire Mang, .. "My word again, .."Yes Non, Mang Udin negrti must be how, Promises, .. "His face was bent"Yes, if so Mang Udin bathe there. Hehehe .. "Adel mentertawai Mang Udin penis is now completely impotent limp, .."No Non dimandiin? "Ask Mang Udin still shameless, .."Tar Mang yes, if you've somebody could erect it, .. "Lili chimed mentertawai Mang Udin, who finally willing to admit that he Impotence, ..
With faces gulped, Mang Udin out of my room, and the three of us laughed with satisfaction the full width after work on Udin Mang,

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