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Adult Story: My class is Binal Ika Friend

Adult Story: My class is Binal Ika FriendFebruary 11th, 2009Actually today's story stems from annoyance anak2 naughty at a junior high school. At that time I was in seventh grade II, once the events are very exciting and it is better not to be imitated. At the time in junior high, I included a pretty naughty boy and that was my school is a school that housed the many naughty children, so that in spite of myself I can say pretty much more naughty than nice.
At that time there was a classmate named Ika. Ika is a girl who is closest to the most stubborn guy and well-known rogue. Not infrequently the friends he had concluded that wild girl, because she was dressed rather sexy than his friends, that is with the school clothes that are not put in, but only tied between the end of the skirt fabric and use a very minimal and short, ie one palm hands of the knee. Ika a pretty sweet girl with high characteristics at that time was about 160 cm, weight 45 kg with white skin and an oval face shape. Ika has shoulder-length hair, thick black, just got tuh doi okay.
After the bell rang to mark incoming class to learn, all students go to class. But strangely, four children consisting of three boys and one girl was still chatting outside of class that place not far from the toilet, and seems to occur agreements between them. After the second lesson is finished, the friends of the three boys were asking permission to go to the toilet out to my teacher who taught in the third lesson, so that made me suspicious.In my heart I asked, "What will they do ..?"
Not long after my friends a guy ask for permission before using the toilet, even Ika also asked permission to the teacher who happens to Indonesian Language teachers are pretty boring. Growing curiosity and my friends there who are wondering about what they would do in the toilet. Because I could not resist my curiosity, I finally had to ask permission to go to the toilet with a definite reason. Prior to the toilet I saw my class guy friends who all three were apparently waiting for someone. Not long later seen Ika to where my friends are guys and they jointly entered into the toilet rooms simultaneously.
My curiosity began to grow, so I approached the toilet room which they entered. The sound of a commotion as the seizure of food in the room. Finally I went into the toilet room, slowly opened the door of the toilet room toilet rooms side by side with which they entered, so the conversations and actions they can be clearly audible to me."Hi Tun, Sept, who would go first ..?" Iwan said to them.Answered in unison from the mouth of Ika a girl, he replied defiantly, ".. Come on, anyone who will go first. I could really three of us .. if you directly!"I wonder, what the heck they perundingkan, to the extent pointed and challenging each other like that. But I remained silent, watching in silence again, what will happen.
After that, not long after Asep answered lightly, "Well already, then the three of us together ajah. Let crowded ..!" he said.Asep utterance was immediately greeted by Ika, "Come cepetan .. Later hurried home from school."And finally U Tun also say, "Let's begin ..!"After that no sound of their conversation again, but a voice that seemed reslueting opened and also the sound man to undress.
Not long after came the three of them with a cheerful voice greeting ask Ika, "Ka .. Hey, Who the hell are most of the genitals .. The three of us this?"Ika was answered with a sheepish tone, "U Tun Kayanya still the most big, black again." with a little sarcasm and directly answered by U Tun, "Hey Ka .. Hurry go tuh suit you, let the cool cepet Joni, We are strong baseball again .. ya!"
After sounding Ika take her clothes off, not long after the sound guy friends and threes, U Tun, Asep, Iwan with ferocious tone, "Wauw .., you really body Ka, wealthy daughter fell from the sky ..!"Not long after Asep asked Ika, "Ka .., if I may not feel that your breasts are like a bowl of noodles is he ..?"Ika was answered in a tone lightly, "Well quasi-wrote, the important thing is not tampered ajah ..!"U Tun also seemed not to be outdone by Asep, he asked, "Ka .., I allow insert tool into the hole cave kelaminku rawamu Ka .. is not it?" fingering genitals Ika.Ika was answered in a tone of urgency, because it seemed to her genitals were groped by U Tun, "Aahh .. uhh .. .. just do not be grim Tun tun .. yah!"And the last audible voice Iwan who did not want to lose too, "Ka .., I can not menciumimu ranging from Ka .. lips to your neck, should not it ..?"Ika answered in a tone such as pain, "Awww .. Uuuhh .. yes-yes, everything should deh ..!"
The voices are audible to me that in addition to their contents toilet rooms, which most voices makes me uncomfortable to hear, like, "Aaahh .. aawww eehh .. .. .. oww uh-uh-oowww .. delicious .. ! "And not long after the sound of Diversity, "You do not lust dong ..!" Ika said to my guy friends is, "Because I'm alone .., while the three of you .. dong comparable baseball!"But the three of them did not answer the greeting Ika, and finally a voice quite loud screams of pain from Ika, "Aaawww .., sick ..!"
Ika then continued by saying, "Gee Tun .., You .. I'm already getting virginity!"Answered quickly by U Tun, "How Ka ..? Hebatkan Me."After that, U Tun was a sigh like pain, "Adu .. ouch .., rich blister deh kelaminku tool and will issue a liquid fertilizer." the words addressed to his friends.Not long after Iwan asked Ika, "Ka I was just bored menyiumi Ka .. You wrote, I do not want too rich in U Tun ..!"Iwan was immediately switch places, which oddly enough is not the same Iwan position as did U Tun, is entering his genitals into the sinkhole (anus) from behind, so that before long Ika screamed a second time."Aaawww .. .. sore Iiihh know Wan .. .. You're still wrong lane!" Ika moaned in pain.But it seems Iwan Ika ignored speech, and just kept trying to like U Tun Iwan, until the climax genitals and heart conditioning discharge. Only takes a moment, Iwan was screaming in pain and her genitals were removed from the sinkhole by saying, "Aaahh .., uuhh .., .. uuhh, enaak Ka, thanks. .. You're great!"Asep loyal only Ika groping breasts and occasionally bite the breast Ika. But eventually Asep was bored and wanted to be like two friends who issued the liquid fertilizer, saying, "Ka .., I also want their rich dong, let Ka .. .. We played"
Ika answered with a weak tone, "Come September ..! Kayanya I'm already tired of Aug, September yah .. sorry!"Finally Asep annoyed at just Asep Ika and Ika to pull the hand thrusting his genitals with his genitals."Ka .., anyway .. I know baseball mo, I'm rich pinggin them both ..!"Ika answered with a weak tone, "Come September .., how well, I was really weak in September ..!"I remained silent in the toilet room.
There are about 45 minutes to continue, and I was wondering if maybe they do oral sex because it is still sitting in junior high. This encourages a sense of curiosity to see what is really happening. Finally I can see them from above, because the toilet room at my school at that time covered the walls denominator is not up to the sky, so I can see four of them. Since the upset caused by Asep not fulfilled his request, finally pulled his head Ika Asep forward genitals are already strained.
Asep said in a threatening tone to Ika, "Come on Ka .. If so kelomohi kelaminku tool until I feel good as them ..!"After trying to climb to see adgean directly, I can see clearly. Ika a girl just doing what they were told by Asep, while his friend is alone again, U Tun and Iwan sitting on the floor, lay hold good taste mixed with the pain they feel.
Did not last long, Asep said to Ika, "Ka .. Ka .. Ka .., ahh .. aah .. Ka .. beware! I will send the fluid penyuburku this great ..!"I see a direct Ika menyopotkan Asep genitals from his mouth, and seen the glazed look on his face and broken Ika mingled joy and sadness due to the money because her virginity is gone by three of them. Basic Asep is upset, Asep penyuburnya spray liquid to the Ika and her friends with a hiss of pain first."Aaahh .., .. uuhh, Beware penyuburku fluid is acceptable .. yah!" Asep said while his hand remained mengocokkan his penis.I saw that Asep menyempotkan liquid fertilizer from roughly genitals.
Once there are 15 minutes after discharge Asep penyuburnya, I saw them immediately after they get dressed again menyopotkan their clothes until there was left a piece of cloth. Before they came out, I quickly get out of the bathroom slowly so as not to be heard by them. Then I headed to the class that had started from the last lesson. Only a few minutes, they entered the classroom one at a time to escape detection by our teacher.
That day was not long until the school bell rang out. I saw the three friends boyfriend, Asep, Iwan, U Tun little tired, and strangely out of breath as they walk like a burned out.Because I like fun to the friend, I immediately asked the three of them, "Hey You guys really rich in lemes. Expires ngebuat su .., well .. yah?"Answered directly by representatives of the three of them lightly, Asep, "Bie Yeah, nice to know if ngegali wells with-do ..!""Ohh so yah ..?" I replied with a smile because they know what they were doing earlier.
Not far from where I stood, I see Ika walking alone holding the bag with a daily bag carrying case on his shoulders. Now only be brought by way dijingjing him.Immediately, I called him, "Ka .., Ika .. Ka .. wait ..!"Ika answered with a weak tone, "What Bie ..?"Because I also like fun to him, kulangsung asked, "Ka .., rich You're tired. Out of a stray bullet shot that beat you, O Ka ..?"Ika replied with annoyance, maybe even tersindir, "Well .. .. Bie, not a stray bullet, but a stray crow attacking wasp nest and cave Hiro, you know ..!"Hear the tone of offended, I apologize to the Ika."Ka .., sorry. Kok wrote deemed so serious, Ka .. sorry yah?" I say calm, smiling friendly.Because I'm curious, I just grazed, grazed to terpepet."Ka .., should baseball Ka, I try to go into the cave Hiro .. cool .. hell Kayanya rich bird can fly ..!" I pleaded, laughing softly.Because Ika was upset and tired, Ika said, "What You Bie .. You want to cave I, then queue .. dong, there are many birds who want to enter into goaku, you know ..!"And finally I laughed with pleasure

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