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adult stories, My wife whose son Contain?

My wife whose son Contain?February 19th, 2009Kuawali story today with a very sore feeling when they see the action below. But there are also feelings of lust that exploded when he saw my wife is cheating dicumbu by mistresses.
I see my wife suck dick middle Rian passionately as his hands shake-dick Rian ngocok rod, while Rian rubbing my wife's hair while occasionally wringing my wife's ass. Shortly Rian stood up and took position behind my wife who was nungging.

Just call me Adi, my age is currently 30 years. I've been married to Goddess for one year more. My wife is not very pretty face, but her body is filled with dense breasts and protruding buttocks. If the goddess wearing tight clothes and jeans, then the eyes of men will continue to stare. Sometimes I'm uncomfortable, but at the same time proud of if you're walking together with the Goddess. Actually when I was dating had often heard rumors that the goddess a little wild, but it did not I pay attention.
After marriage, I was renting in a neighborhood on the edge of the city of Bandung .. I worked in a private company, while the Goddess I'm quit his job to take care of the house. Currently Goddess is pregnant 3 months, I'm very happy that soon I will become a father. But my joy did not last long.I remember the day Thursday. Incidentally I got the assignment from the office to visit a relation that is not far from the residential location where I live. Having finished my business with relations office, I intend to come over for lunch. Arriving in front of my house I saw there was a motorcycle parked in the yard. I do not know the bike, I think anyone who was a visit to my house. Slowly I opened the gate and into the front hall. But in the living room I can not see anyone, from the window I just saw a drinking glass on the coffee table. I try to open the front door was locked. My mind began to think negatively, my heart began to overcome feelings of suspicion. I rushed to the side of the house.In addition to the existing house is connected to the kitchen door. I try to open the door, it was not locked. I immediately sidled up to the living room where my bedroom is located. My bedroom door ajar. From the room I heard the voice of people who were making out, my heart is really hot right now. Slowly I peek into the room, the wardrobe mirror I could see two naked people who are struggling on the bed.
I was really angry, wants me to be berated into the room, but other thoughts arise. I've always thought my wife was dicumbu others. If the middle imagine it, my sex appetite will soon rise. Finally I decided to just watch the scene that happened in my room. I try to pay attention to who the guy who was struggling with my wife, I was shocked, he was Rian, a former co-worker wife, even when Rian wedding present and had their pictures taken together. Rian is Handsome, tall and athletic with white and sharp nose.
I see my wife suck dick middle Rian passionately as his hands shake-dick Rian ngocok rod, while Rian rubbing my wife's hair while occasionally wringing my wife's ass. Shortly Rian stood up and took position behind my wife who was nungging. from the mirror I could see a long dick Rian curved upward, longer than my penis. No wonder my wife having an affair with her reckless. Rian menusukan Kontolnya slowly into my wife's pussy hole, I heard my wife moans when dick head pussy Rian began to enter the hole. Rian started to advance the backing his ass, faster and faster, and out of the trunk Kontolnya menghujam pussy Goddess. Rian thigh sound that collided with the butt goddess made me excited, without feeling my penis was already tense.This time Rian change position, rest on the body of Goddess Rian, their position back to the mirror so I could see clearly when the rod pierced through the hole pussy dick Rian Goddess. Rian movement is very wild and rough as if Kontolnya about to tear up my wife's pussy. Occasionally Goddess Rian kissing lips and sucked her breasts alternately. Shortly Rian groaned, lifting Kontolnya of Goddess pussy hole. Apparently Brian is almost ejaculation. With a shake-hands ngocok rod Kontolnya Rian pulled his head close to my wife that Kontolnya head. Crot .. crot, Rian dick spewing sperm into the face of Goddess. Sperm is very much up to the face of Goddess covered by thick white fluid that. Rian then collapsed into bed. Goddess of the body to rest his body. They hugged each other while kissing. I quickly shuffled out of the house.Along the way I imagined what I just witnessed. I wonder child who was conceived by my wifeand how long my wife having an affair. But I also feel horny imagining my wife sleep with other people. I so want to make love with the Goddess tonight, I'll play all out, and when the goddess had given birth I would divorce her, because I do not want to have a cheating wife who hooked

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